Thursday, April 21, 2011

CIA tactics now mainstream in Downtown USA?

Police use informants to sell heroin, cocaine, and other drugs on the street. The going rate is the informant gets to keep half of the taxpayer supplied drug buy money, or half the drugs. The targets are non-Organized Crime connected small business owners, home owners, and anyone with assets and cash to confiscate through a rigged, revenue collection court system. Informants are used to set up targets, usually "Big Mouths", for false arrests and prison. Look for a lawyer to sue police, try to remove a judge, etc, Be placed on the Arrest on Sight, Homeland Security Fusion Center, list, such as in the State of Connecticut.

Killing and beating up citizens is now the norm. CIA tactics from the 1950's South America are now global CIA. See bottom video.

CIA Whistleblower talks about Heart Attack gun

Text with video:

Uploaded by on Dec 27, 2008

CIA whistleblower talks about a gun that shoots a frozen dart of poison that mimicks a heart attack in the unfortunate victim.

Go find out for yourself how many witnesses died of heart attacks in cases involving the US government. Start off with the JFK assassination.


CIA 1950's blueprint for everybody's abuse today

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I was to work with two politically active Connecticut citizens with damaging inside information. Both, apparently died of natural causes in the last two weeks. In their cases, I do think it was just a coincidence. [That story]

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