Thursday, April 21, 2011

Second Set of Standards/Laws for Police, Judges, Officials

I received the below video as a link. I decided to post it. The subject is of how a felony conviction cripples average people, but not the officially connected who have "worked" for taxpayer dollars. Former Connecticut Governor John G. Rowland took bribes from organized crime figures to kidnap as many children as possible away from Connecticut Families, so he would get freebies and bribes, and organized crime figures could build, maintain, supply, and run facilities such as "Kiddie Max" prisons for kids. Rowland most likely got a year in prison, 10 months to serve because he upset the applecart of the Connecticut Judicial Mafia of Lawyers and Judges, having a power pissing contest, interrupting their power and revenue stream, not because he flagrantly broke laws daily.

After doing time as a felon, "Johnny", as he is know to both US Presidents Bush, whined about not having money, gets out of prison buys a mansion, gets all sorts of speaking engagements, get hired as consultant in the uber corrupt official Waterbury, Connecticut, getting paid a salary of $95,000 a year where he may, or may not, even have to show up, or do any work. Crime does pay for dirtbag government insiders.

As Governor M. Jodi Rell was probably as big a dirtbag as Rowland. [story]

In the State of Connecticut if you contact elected officials about a remedy to Police Brutality, Judicial Misconduct, Public Corruption, lodge an official complaint, or wish to sue police or members of the court, remove a judge, or anger somebody officially important you, the average citizen are a target for job loss, loss of credit, credibility, your home, for break up of your family, loss of your friends, to end up in prison, devastated for life. [This] is my story.

2 of the biggest thorns in Official Connecticut's side, because of the knowledge of where the bodies are buried, are dead in the last 2 weeks. [story]

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Reasons to Audit the Federal Reserve, The Fed, and why Max Keiser says bankers should be hung from the nearest tree:

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