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Why aren't White Male Judges Punished like the non-connected ones?

Connecticut just might be the best state to show off as an example of what is most wrong with all of the rest.

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Siting Council Chairman Resigns After Accusation of Improper Communication (WEB FIRST)

HARTFORD — The Connecticut Siting Council’s chairman, facing accusations of improper communication, resigned from his seat just one day after public hearings on the proposed Colebrook wind turbines concluded.

Daniel Caruso resigned from the council Thursday, as noted in a press release from Governor Dannel Malloy’s office. The chairman also serves as a probate judge in Fairfield, and according to a letter from Save Prospect attorney Jeffrey Tinley to the Connecticut Siting Council’s executive director Linda Roberts, Mr. Caruso inappropriately discussed BNE Energy’s proposal for wind turbines in Prospect during this line of work.

“Judge Caruso said ‘They’re all nice people. But it’s a lot of b---‘,” Mr. Tinley wrote in the letter. “He then posed a rhetorical question, with words to the effect: The fact that some little town in Massachusetts decides to push these things back 3,000 feet, why should we care about that?”

“He said we are going to do what we have to do,” continued Mr. Tinley.

Save Prospect formed in reaction to a proposal by BNE Energy to build three wind turbines in town. The project would be similar to either half of a pair of proposals in Colebrook, and BNE Energy’s proposals have run into similar opposition. The ex parte communication lasted no more than three minutes, in Mr. Tinley’s estimation, and related to the proceedings at evidentiary hearings in Prospect, namely the line of questioning toward Save Prospect’s president. Save Prospect had invited, in Mr. Caruso’s words, “those people from Massachusetts” to speak at the March 15 evidentiary hearing.

“He said that we (the Siting Council) come up against objections all the time and we always try to listen to the concerns of opponents and take whatever steps can be taken within reason to mitigate adverse impacts,” Mr. Tinley wrote.

Mr. Tinley was present in Fairfield Probate Court on March 18 for an unrelated case, involving the Garofalo estate, along with his partner at his law firm and other attorneys. Mr. Caruso called Mr. Tinley into his chambers after the hearing concluded, “saying something to the effect of ‘Are we’ or ‘how are we’ going to get this done by March 31,” the last day of evidentiary hearings on the Prospect petition.

“I again tried to deflect the issue by stating that whenever a judge tells me that he is interested in hearing something, I take it seriously,” Mr. Tinley wrote. “Judge Caruso said that wasn’t the point; he said that it was important we understand in this context how the Siting Council operates.”

Mr. Tinley also stated Mr. Caruso accused Save Prospect’s noise expert of “pooh-poohing” a question regarding mitigating the noise of turbines, adding, “He said that it wasn’t very smart for a witness who is asked a question by the Chair to ‘pooh-pooh’ it.” The proposed turbines in Prospect and Colebrook would be the first of their kind in the state and have prompted several reactions; one proposed bill would direct the Connecticut Siting Council, along with other state agencies, to adopt regulations regarding wind turbines before any could be built.

“I knew that the Siting Council had publicly taken a position against wind specific regulations and that a Siting Council representative had listened to the testimony and had testified at the legislative hearings on this subject,” Mr. Tinley wrote in the letter. “Judge Caruso said that regulations were not necessary and brought the subject back to the hearings, reiterating that the process was not going to stop and would be finished before anything is finished in the legislature.” Continued...

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State Police Want Superior Court Judge Arrested in Connection With Salisbury Case (WEB FIRST)

SALISBURY (AP) — Connecticut State Police have applied for a warrant to arrest a Superior Court judge for coercion and hindering a criminal investigation in Salisbury.

The Republican-American newspaper reported Thursday that Judge Corinne L. Klatt has declined to sign an arrest warrant application targeting a Salisbury man accused of attacking a man who was communicating with his former girlfriend in November unless she receives an arrest warrant for the victim.

Salisbury Resident Trooper Mark Lauretano now wants the judge arrested, saying her actions amount to “coercion and a violation of criminal law.”

The newspaper reports that Judge Klatt declined to comment in Litchfield’s Bantam Court or say why she refused to sign an arrest warrant application for the man singled out by police as the assailant in a fight at the West Main Cafe in Salisbury.

A call to Troop B headquarters confirmed that a warrant had been drawn up but was as yet unsigned.

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Law Enforcement shooting citizens in the back with shotguns and getting away with it

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Judge Daniel Caruso is not doing his job what a shame!!!!! Or Lawyer Richard bortoloc

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