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Crapulent Courts/Policing & US Illegal Wars of Occupation?

If Americans don't have actual access to elected officials, they're being taxed without representation. Those who profit from war are the same crowd with bankster, organized crime corporatist ties. Those who abuse fund elected officials in their campaigns are then rewarded with key policy and investigatory government positions. If the average person can't count on honest policing and courts on the local level, the "justice system" is crapulent from the bottom up.

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America: Hooked on War and Getting Poorer

With record foreclosures and child poverty at a shameful level, can we really afford to stay in Afghanistan and Iraq for 10 years?
There's plenty of good money to be made /

Supplyin' the army with tools of the trade … – Country Joe and the Fish

I hallucinate easily, a hangover from time spent in an acid-rock commune in London in the fevered 60s. Most evenings when I switch on the television 6.30 news with its now cliched pictures of deep sea oil spurting from BP's pipe rupture, I see not bleeding sludge but human blood surging up into the Gulf of Mexico.

I've learned to trust my visions as metaphors for reality. The same news programmes, often as a dutiful throwaway item, will show a jerky fragment of Afghan combat accompanied by the usual pulse-pounding handheld shots of snipers amid roadside bomb explosions, preferably in fiery balls. My delusional mind converts this footage into a phantasmagoria where our M60 machine guns are shooting ammunition belts full of $1,000 bills.

Blood, oil, bullets … and cash.

Why is nobody talking about the Afghanistan adventure as a cause of our plunging recession? Or at least citing the 30-year-old endless war as a major contributory factor in wasting our money to "nation-build" in the Hindu Kush while our own country falls to pieces on food stamps, foreclosures and child poverty – one in five kids – that would put the world's poorest nations to shame?

Iraq was George Bush's war. But, as Republican party chairman Michael Steele correctly says, "Afghanistan is Obama's war of choice", and a losing proposition. Historically, Bush and Dick Cheney merely toyed with Afghanistan while visiting shock and awe on Iraq. But President Obama is really, really serious about it. He told us so on his campaign trail, but most of us refused to believe him. We told ourselves: oh, he's a closet pacifist, or he'll somehow find a way out of the impasse, thus sealing a devil's pact with our own consciences.

Obama's "way out" is to dig deeper in so that he'll be able to get out, it's said. Where have we heard that before? Exit strategy, my foot. Obama is a willing prisoner of his generals, the latest four-star foot-in-mouther being General George Casey, army chief of staff, who a few days ago confessed to CBS News that the US could face another "decade or so" of persistent conflict in Iraq and Afghanistan. (He then fudged it, but the cat was out of the bag.)

Our Afghanistan war, which began in 1980 under the Democrats (by weaponising Afghan resistance to the Soviets), and is now truly a bipartisan war, is as bankrupt as our economy. No connection? None that I can hear from Republicans or Democrats and the "liberal base". The war without purpose or common sense is simply a given, like the weather. Other than a few lonely members of Congress, like Florida's Alan Grayson (who introduced a bill titled "The War Is Making You Poor"), the antiwar Texas libertarian Ron Paul and Illinois's Tim Johnson, hardly anybody in public life dares to make a connection between teachers' pink slips, personal bankruptcies (6,000 a day now), our rotting infrastructure, lengthening queues at unemployment offices, child poverty … and the war.

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Cut and pasted from an email in from Joe Zernik:
Ronald George
Chief Justice of California Supreme Court
Complaint by Michael Paul against California Administrative Office of the Courts, alleging public corruption and racketeering by California Chief Justice Ronald George filed with the United Nations as part of 2010 review of Human Rights in the United States.
Los Angeles, July 17 – Human Rights Alert (NGO) and Joseph Zernik, PhD, filed with the United Nations and US State Department copy of complaint filed by Michael Paul, former employee of the California Administrative Office of the Courts, alleging public corruption by the California Courts and California Supreme Court Chief Justice Ronald George. [1] [2]
Human Rights Alert asked the US Department of Justice and the United Nations to accept the complaint as additional evidence of widespread corruption of the California courts. Widespread corruption of the courts and large-scale false imprisonments in Los Angeles County, California, were the focus of the Human Rights Alert April 2010 report to the United Nations.
In letter to plaintiff Michael Paul, Dr Zernik noted that former's complaint was consistent with complaints filed in recent weeks by Human Rights Alert with the US Attorney Office against Ronald George, California Judicial Council, judges and clerks of the Superior Court of California,alleging widespread corruption. Dr Zernik added that he had no doubt that upon review of the body of the complaints as a whole, any competent court of jurisdiction would conclude that judges of the Superior Court of California were engaged in racketeering for at least a decade or two. Moreover, Dr Zernik noted documents,which had been filed with the United Nations, and provided evidence of the refusal of the US government to address the corruption of the courts, as part of its duties and obligations pursuant to ratified international law.
Dr Zernik also urged Mr Paul to join others in lobbying nations that would be central to the review of Human Rights in the United States by the United Nations. Mr Paul was also urged to come forward and reveal any information that he may have pertaining to case management systems of the California courts, as part of his previous employment with the California Administrative Office of the Courts. The letter repeated allegations that Chief Justice Ronald George was a key figure in the installation of a fraudulent case management system in the Los Angeles Courts circa 1985, the harms of which are suffered to this date. In recent years, the California Administrative Office of the Courts engaged in a large-scale project to install a new California Case Management System – again – with no evidence of public oversight of integrity of the system.
Human Rights Alert is dedicated to discovering, archiving, and disseminating evidence of Human Rights violations by the justice systems of the State of California and the United States in Los Angeles County, California, and beyond. Special emphasis is given to the unique role of computerized case management systems in the precipitous deterioration of integrity of the justice system in the United States.

Letter to the US State Department and the United Nations – providing additional evidence of widespread corruption of the California Courts.
[2] Michael Paul v California Administrative Office of the Courts – complaint


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