Saturday, July 24, 2010

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It's called, "The Elite Lawyers and Judges Whistleblower Network of America"

The below found:

Bond’s, Shoeless Joe’s and Russoniello’s Cases Share Common Theme

July 24, 2010
by theeliteones

Judge Allows $20 Million Suit Against Former State Bar Board Member To Go Forward

July 23, 2010
by theeliteones

Bonnie Dumanis

U.S. District Judge William Q. Hayes, of the Southern District of California has recently ruled that a $20 million dollar lawsuit against San Diego District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis and other defendnts may go forward.

Hayes’ ruling found Dumanis “fabricated evidence” and continued her investigation of a San Diego County woman wrongfully accused of murdering her Marine husband after Dumanis “knew or should have known” she was innocent.

Dumanis, a former member of the Board of Governors of the State Bar of California, also taught legal ethics at San Diego College of Law.

DOJ Bad Faith Litigation Tactics Widespread

July 22, 2010
by theeliteones

Hon. Nancy Gertner

Boston Federal Judge Nancy Gertner is considering tacking another $4 million on to the $101 million the U.S. Justice Department was assessed for bad faith litigation tactics. The case arose from the framing of citizens with bogus murder charges.

Associated Press reported this week a letter from the Swiss Justice Ministry revealed Los Angeles County prosecutors misled Superior Court Judge Peter Espinoza in a case involving the extradition of Roman Polanski. DOJ and Los Angeles County both blame each other for a government snafu involving Polanski’s extradition.


On April 1, 2009, U.S. Attorney Eric Holder dismissed the indictment of Alaska Senator Ted Stevens due to prosecutorial misconduct. Hon. Emmett Sullivan, the trial judge claimed the Steven’s case was by far the worst case of prosecutorial misconduct he had seen in his more than 25 years on the bench.

In San Francisco, U.S. Attorney Joseph Russoniello is entangled in a web of corruption, cover-up and wrongdoing which involves, obstruction of justice; suppression of evidence; theft of court documents;


the fixing of ethics complaints against Russoniello and top State Bar officials; bogus, retaliatory and politically-motivated discipline and disbarments of California attorneys who represent the poor and powerless; political tampering by state and federal elected officials and more than 200 predicate acts of federal racketeering by Russoniello and his co-conspirators over the course of more than a decade.

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Charlotte Dennett's father Daniel Dennett died under mysterious circumstances. He was a key instrument in the precursor of the CIA. The modern CIA is basically an offshore bankster thug service. Why should the CIA be able to withhold most of their files even 60 years later? Is what they did long ago, going to give us a real hint of what is really going on now? Without the alphabet soup of thuggery departments doing as they please without oversight, corporate banking gangsters would not be ripping off the average American wholesale. Dennett's fight, [video and text]

Prosecuting Bush, Charlotte Dennett marches on


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