Monday, March 15, 2010


St. Paul, Minnesota
State Capitol Steps
3:00PM - 6:30PM
Friday, March 19, 2010

It has been an entire year since Rep. Dan Severson called an ad hoc hearing to hear evidence of corruption in the Minnesota Judicial Branch.

Citizens, including attorneys testified and brought evidence. Impeachment papers against judges were presented and asked to be brought as Bills of Impeachment by legislators.

Rep. Severson introduced HF 1632 to correct the problems.
The only Representatives to sign unto HF 1632 are Bruce Anderson, Tom Emmer, Steve Drazkowski and Marty Seifert. There is NO companion bill introduced in the Senate.

Currently, the Minnesota Legislature is violating the state constitution. There are statutes that state, "Court Rules Eliminate Statutes" and "Court Opinions Eliminate Statutes".

The judges have written a Court Rule, that says the judges do not need to obey the court rules.

We have NO LEGISLATED LAW in the state of Minnesota, we only have the WHIMS of the judges.

The judges ALSO wrote a rule that says it is okay for them to take "gifts". We call that taking bribes.

AFTER YEARS of telling the legislator that we hired THEM to write out laws, and not the judges...that's what our constitution says...we still are being ignored.

Why do the people we elect refuse to obey the constitution?

We have a government that WE created.
The government MUST obey the constitution.
Our constitution does NOT give unbridled power to the judges...but our legislature DID give this power to the judges.

THE EVIDENCE given to the Legislators include:
Judges changing transcripts.
Secret meetings between judges and prosecutors.
Judges taking bribes.
Judges committing felonies.
Judges hiding evidence of their crimes from the Grand Jury.


Only when the PEOPLE join together and DEMAND ACTION.

The Legislature MUST repeal the statutes that give unbridled power to the judges.

The Legislature MUST do their DUTY under Article Six Section Nine of the Minnesota constitution and DISCIPLINE the judges.

Be at the Rally.

Nancy Lazaryan

* * * *

Take Back America w/ Grand Juries

Text with video:
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Nancy Lazaryan speaks with her co-host, from many public access broadcasts, that they have done together out of the Minneapolis, Minnesota area.

This or other video clips might be used in our "In the Interests of Justice" documentary series co-produced by Steven G. Erickson and Francis C. P. Knize.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Judicial Abuse in Minnesota. It needs to stop now!

Saturday, December 24, 2011 11:07:00 AM  
Blogger deb said...

I am a mother of a 6 yr old son that was refused a decent lawyer, refused trial, railroaded, false statements made against me by cps using my abusive ex husband, have seen my share of corrupt officials due to fact i unknowingly had married into an abusive, narsisistic family, with money and legal ties due to having had a late district court judge in the family. My son has been hurt. I have proof. I do not have money to fight my ex but will allow any lawyer to use my case for publicity or anything if they can help us! Please email me.

Monday, March 04, 2013 2:52:00 AM  

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