Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Corporate Organized Crime

Are corporate thugs and their friends in government pulling the same stunts on both sides of the pond? Alleging public corruption, naming names, and doing what is right can cost you a beating, living in terror, your family, your property, and even your life. [this blogger's saga]

Are courts rigged on both sides of the pond?

Law Society - Goodman Derrick Faces - "Compulsory Liquidation" - Carroll Case

Text with video:
The UK Law Society firm Goodman Derrick could face compulsory liquidation as a "cause and affect" victim of the firm's deep involvement in the Carroll Foundation Trust Case.

Goodman Derrick is a broadly based commercial practice who are the subject of serious ongoing criminal allegations of racketeering organized crime in Britain's longest running largest organised criminal conspiracy and corruption scandal. The Carroll Foundation Trust one billion dollars "cross border" international case has named John Roberts the Goodman Derrick senior partner and Ian Montrose the trust partner as primary suspects "directly linked" to the offshore crime syndicate now "targeted" by the FBI and Scotland Yard elite law enforcement officers. It is understood that the Revenue & Customs Criminal Investigation Office (RCPO) are also participating in this US HM Crown Carroll Trust National Security Case.

UK Government Whitehall sources have disclosed that the Insolvency Agency Inspector-General Stephen Speed with the Royal Courts of Justice "court appointed person" Paul Titherington retain with the Chief Officer of Scotland Yard Sir Paul Stephenson a complete "lockdown" of the GJH Carroll forged signatures and "dummy" Carroll Trust Corporations share certificates specimen exhibits which Impulsed this massive tax evasion fraud operation.

It is thought that the UK National Security Agency MI5 is providing a support matrix perimeter for Gerald Carroll "in concert" with the Metropolitan Police Scotland Yard Serious Organised Crime Agency (SOCA) elite law enforcement officers following the theft of Ministry of Defence Gerald Carroll State Papers and UK Government Security Services classified documents.

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