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Legislator Lawyers, Lawyers First?

Chris Kennedy gives overwhelming evidence to the Connecticut Judiciary Committee Feb. 17, 2010. The documents, well over a quarter inch thick given to the committee should compel them not to re-appoint Judge Jonathan J. Kaplan. The majority of the committee members are lawyers working under judges in the Judicial Branch which is ripe with retaliation, favors, and case rigging. These legislators consider the judges with even the worst behavior, friends! So, there is obviously no real representation for our taxation. Legislators who are for the people would not allow abusive judges who are breaking laws to continue to ruin lives, break up families, and put people in jail, not because they are guilty, just because they feel like it. The legislators had already voted Kaplan another 8 years as judge by the time Christopher Kennedy spoke. What a scam!

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Vernon Rockville, Connecticut, Superior Court and Administrative Judge Jonathan J. Kaplan up for reappointment Feb. 17, 2010, Hartford. Did he lie through his teeth under oath committing perjury to remain a judge in Connecticut? Did legislator lawyers knowingly allow him to do this?

Should a legislative committee made up of mostly lawyers decide the fates of judges who they are subservient to Judges in a the Judicial Branch, where they make money, pretending to serve their constituents, lawyers, who face disbarment and arrest for going against ANY judge? Should we the people ask for Judges to face election, pandering to us, not corrupt elected officials and their organized crime and police officer friends?

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Steven G. Erickson and Chris Kennedy testify against Judge Jonathan J. Kaplan in front of the Judiciary Committee, Feb. 17, 2010:

Should Judge Jonathan J. Kaplan be investigated for perjury for the below? Should he be arrested? Should he get prison if found guilty?

The above video was sent by email to the Program Review and Investigations committee, before noon, Feb. 18, 2010, asking that someone be arrested. Not all the persons under oath were telling the truth. My allegation is that Judge Jonathan J. Kaplan ... lied, lied, lied ...

Program Review and Investigations Committee membership in Connecticut:

* * * *

Text entered into the record for legislators on the Connecticut Judiciary Committee for the hearing on the reappointment of Judge Jonathan J. Kaplan:

Feb. 17, 2010 Attn CT Jud. Cmmt Legislators [Against Judge J. Kaplan reapointment]

To whom it may concern:

I invested 100's of thousands of dollars and years of my life fixing up and obtaining boarded up rental properties. I built a contracting business over 2 decades. I started to raise a family. Citizens who don't have political connections need a courts system that acts in the best interest of the public to do business and to have a life, American style.

I found out that Judge Jonathan J. Kaplan had bias against landlords and self-employed in small claims cases. I informed him of insurance fraud committed by the other party in Haas v. Erickson. I then lodged complaints against Kaplan starting in the 1990's. Kaplan would stick his tongue out at me and make faces at me in small claims cases. I had not a prayer of getting justice. I then asked elected officials to remove Kaplan with legislation. I asked former Rep. Mordasky and State Senator Guglielmo as I lived in Stafford Springs, Connecticut. I asked Sen. John A. Kissel also as I owned a 2 family house in Somersville, Connecticut, fixing it up from a very bad condition, inside and out.

I complained to elected officials and in newspapers about Rockville Court and about the State Police refusing to protect and serve when it came to prostitution, vandalism, teens drinking all hours destroying my property, and teens, prostitutes, and criminal parasites selling heroin and crack cocaine off and near my properties. I was told to shut my mouth and leave the State by Connecticut State Police or be arrested and go to prison. I had no record and committed no crimes. I was being followed around daily by two or even more cruisers. It seemed I was under 24/7 surveillance and found out my telephone calls were being monitored and my emails read to figure a way for police to set me up for a false arrest, imprisonment, and for me to lose my daughter, home, business, and sum total of my life's work for speaking out in newspapers, for pursuing lawyers to sue police for civil rights violations, for trying to remove Judge Kaplan, and for proposing Civilian Oversight of Police.

Since Police wouldn't do anything about crimes being committed. I contacted Rockville Prosector Keith Courier for directly prosecuting prostitute Lana Thompson who moved into my rental properties changing the locks without my permission. She let the water run, left all lights on, and disturbed other paying tenants with no intentions of paying. Lana went to see Keith in high heels, large breasts prominently displayed. Courier told me he'd prosecute me and that I would go to prison if I brought any action against Lana Thompson or evicted her. I did. Courier and police expected me to pay $2000/month for prostitutes that I wasn't sleeping with. I was told that interfering with heroin and crack cocaine dealers was interfering with police and I could be arrested.

Two felon druggie police informants started threatening my life, squatting on each of my properties. One eventually caught me running from my parked vehicle to my door for safety. I was attacked and pepper sprayed my attacker. State Police officers who I had lodged police misconduct complaints arrested only me for resisting being mugged. These officers later committed perjury saying I never asked to make a complaint against my attacker.

After my arrest. Keith Courier refused to make any deals, only for me to plead guilty and to get a year and a half in prison. The trial was held. Judge Kaplan refused to recuse himself telling me I was guilty and going to prison before trial, whereby he rigged my trial and sentenced me to a year in prison in retaliation. Will you legislators remedy my case and consider legislation for compensation? There is no justice in courts in Connecticut. If a Judge as bad as Kaplan is allowed to remain there is no representation for out taxation. Please act so bad judges across America aren't entitled to abuse.

-Steven G. Erickson [address and tel. # snipped]

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Judges, some are public abusers for life


Judge's Narrow Confirmation Reveals Flaws In Evaluation System

By MARK PAZNIOKAS, The Hartford Courant
January 18, 2009

The Senate's confirmation of a Superior Court judge by a single vote last week exposed old tensions over how Connecticut judges its judges.

The case renewed questions about the judiciary's ability to evaluate, monitor and counsel judges whose impartiality and temperament become suspect.

And it laid bare the ill-defined standards and uneven approach legislators employ in deciding when to exercise their authority to end a judge's career.

"What is the measure we will use to throw someone out?" Sen. John A. Kissel, R-Enfield, asked Wednesday night as the Senate debated the fate of Judge Patricia A. Swords. [more]

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Did Judge Jonathan J. Kaplan call Massachusetts judges up, unethically, asking them to disbar Mass Attorney, and former candidate for Massachusetts Governor, Barbara C. Johnson for writing on the Internet about the rule breaking at Rockville Superior Court GA 19 and the questionable conduct of Judge Kaplan? Was Johnson disbarred and jailed until she took items off her website? Do lawyers have the First Amendment Right of Free, Protected, Speech?

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Judge Jonathan J. Kaplan Feb. 17, 2010, Hartford Connecticut, Reappointment Hearing, Legislative Judiciary Committee Room. 44 min 39 sec


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Thanks for your posts on toxic justice in Texas.

Failure in judicial oversight is our national disgrace. Please visit my Toxic Justice website and see Judicial Reform pages which include daily news listings about bad judges across the nation and resources.

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