Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Poster Child for abolishing immunity for judges?

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U.S. District Court judge, Edward Nottingham has stepped down from his office following numerous complaints of ethics and judicial code of conduct violations. Nottingham has presided over Colorado's Tenth District Court for almost 20 years. His resignation is effective immediately.

The 60 year old former judge drew public attention last August after parts of his divorce hearings showing he had spent $3000 in one night at a Denver strip club, were made public. Nottingham, whose unsavory conduct had earned him the nickname "Judge Naughty", was also connected by local media agencies to a Denver area prostitution ring known as the Denver Sugar or Denver Players. The divorce case documents also indicate that Nottingham had used a judicial computer to look up an escort service.

Denver's News 9 reports that a prostitute says Nottingham asked her in March to deny their weekly $250-to-$300 an hour sessions if she was questioned by judicial investigators.

Nottingham recently faced charges of judicial misconduct after he mocked an attorney by placing a photograph of a pig wearing lipstick into a court ruling. Although the Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals determined that mockery of justice did not warrant a charge of judicial misconduct, a Denver chief Circuit Court judge ruled that Nottingham's conduct had "brought disrespect to the judiciary."

The U.S. District Court in Denver, which is severely backlogged with cases now has a total of three empty benches.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Speaking of Judicial misconduct the 10th Circuit has lied in two of my cases 07-4192 and 08-4115 Im proceeding with charges under title 18 Section242 the only place citizens can actually charge Judges and they have no immunity. Its on the DOJ web site check it out. Thanks for listening BLT

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