Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Serving Papers to Prosecute George W. Bush for Murder

Charlotte Dennett and Vincent Bugliosi actually serving papers on the VT AG

Ralph Lopez used my youtube video shooting camera to get the above footage. Steven G. Erickson had the public access television camera and tripod. Kristina Borjesson and publicist, Ilene Proctor, International Public Relations were also witnesses to the serving of the current VT AG's office with the below text.

* * * *



Dennett and Bugliosi will deliver a debate challenge to her opponent
Sorrell asking him to defend his assertions that Vermont does not
have jurisdiction to prosecute George Bush for starting a war under
false pretenses. Dennett will also hand-deliver a letter to Sorrel's

Vincent Bugliosi's New York Times bestseller, "The Prosecution of
George W. Bush for Murder," provides the evidence and legal framework
for prosecuting Bush in any state, including Vermont. Vermont ranks
highest in the nation for the number of soldiers killed in Iraq, per
capita. Dennett has challenged Sorrell to read the book and its legal
arguments. Dennett has pledged to appoint Bugliosi as Special
Prosecutor should she be elected. Bugliosi is in Vermont now and has
been campaigning with her throughout the state. "The response has
been overwhelmingly positive," says Dennett.

Bugliosi, who prosecuted Charles Manson and wrote the book "Helter
Skelter," has tried 21 consecutive murder cases without a loss.
Leading lawyer and Harvard professor Alan Dershowitz said of Bugliosi,
"If you created a hall of fame of prosecutors, Vincent Bugliosi would
be in the entranceway. There's no prosecutor I'd fear more if I were
guilty. He will get at the truth."

Dennett, an investigative reporter, author, and attorney, is also
making the closing of the Vermont Yankee nuclear power plant a key
part of her campaign. She believes the plant is unsafe and should not
be re-licensed.

Following is the text of the challenge which will he delivered by
Dennott to the attorney general.


The Charlotte Dennett for Attorney General Campaign
PO Box 281
Montpelier, VT 05601
October 21, 2008

Attorney General William Sorrell
The Office of the Attorney General of Vermont
109 State St.
Montpelier, VT 05609

- -

Dear Attorney General Sorrell,

I, Charlotte Dennett, and Vincent Bugliosi, who as you know is
campaigning with me, challenge you to a debate titled, "On Whether
Vermont has Jurisdiction to Prosecute George W. Bush for the Deaths of
All Vermont Soldiers who Died Fighting Bush's War in Iraq." You have
asserted a number of times in previous debates that Vermont does not
have the jurisdiction. We disagree strongly and feel the voters
deserve to make a decision based upon the facts on this particular
issue. Please feel welcome to propose a time and place which is
convenient, within the next week. Thank you.

Best Regards,

Charlotte Dennett
Candidate for Attorney General

* * * *

We walked around Montpelier after and Dennett and Bugliosi served the VT AG, and then talked with those they met on the sidewalks in Montpelier, Vermont.

A woman was with her son. The woman, gave me her full name and business card, and told me she used to be a topless Dancer in Texas at the time George was a "drunk" and was very indiscreet. The woman went on to say George W. Bush was a big cocaine snorter and more about prostitution. Her son seemed more interested when we talked about prosecuting Bush for Heroin and Cocaine trafficking if there was evidence presented. It is only assumed that Bush, like his CIA operative father, used CIA and Military planes to smuggle heroin out of Afghanistan to the US and Cocaine out of South American into the US.

I asked Charlotte Dennett if she prosecute George W. Bush as a drug kingpin in Vermont if it could be proven Bush somehow knew drugs were being sold [scroll down for videos here], the money used for covert operations and weapons, and if Vermonters were harmed. I got a "yes" answer with qualifications. There would probably be a massive turnout to vote for Dennett if there were provable drug charges against Bush. I would like to see him in a Vermont or ANY jail ANYWHERE in the world.

Please donate to Charlotte Dennett even if you don't live in Vermont, you want Bush prosecuted for all the crimes he has committed, don't you? [Donate Here]

[click here] for information of Vincent Bugliosi's most recent book on the subject of arresting Bush for murder.

On a lighter note Vincent Bugliosi gave a speech to college students at a Burlington College. He talked about not wearing a watch and was coerced into finally getting a cellphone realizing you can also use it to tell time. A student gets up to show Vince how to set the phone.

[click here] for Dennette/Bugliosi videos shot by Steven G. Erickson 10-19-08 in Brattleboro, VT.

The Question of George W. Bush, prostitutes, and cocaine?

The accusations are made at the end of the above video.

[click here] for: "CIA, FBI, NSA, DEA, smuggling Cocaine and Heroin into the USA?"

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[my beef with Bush], scroll down in post
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[Click Here for more on the Campaign to prosecute George W. Bush for Murder in Vermont]

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