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Ku Klux Klan Act of 1871

The below [found here]

or shall conspire together for the purpose in any manner impeding, hindering, obstructing or defeating the due course of justice in an State or Territory, with intent to deny to any citizen of the United States the due and equal protection of the laws, or to injury any person in his person or his property for lawfully enforcing the right of any person or class of persons to the equal protection of the laws, or by force, intimidation, or threat to prevent any citizen of the United States ..."

I wonder if I, and other citizens abused in Connecticut by the Connecticut State Police, in the Courts, by DCF, and other authorities, violated by an organized bunch of lawbreakers paid with tax dollars, can be brought to justice using the Ku Klux Klan Act of 1871.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

> I'm a pro se litigant in LA and I recently filed a Civil Rights and
> HATE CRIMES complaint in Federal Court. I'm suing eight
> (8) current, retired, or former LA Superior Court Judges (one of
> whom is now a Federal judge), LA County, D.A. Cooley, three (3)
> private attorneys, William C. Vickrey (Director, AOC & Secretary,
> Judicial Council) and Victoria Henley (Director, CJP). Fifteen (15)
> defendants all together and thirteen (13) of them have law degrees.
> Because of my legally sufficient Hate Crimes allegations, the Attorney
> General has an ethical duty to represent the People of California
> via my complaint. Unless of course, he would like to make a public
> statement that JUDICIAL HATE CRIMES are not a matter of
> public interest. We need to pressure him, as he really has NO
> CHOICE in this matter. He cannot possibly do his job to 'see
> that the laws of California are uniformly and adequately enforced',
> if he ignores this issue. Media attention is all I need, as I have a
> very solid case against the defendants for, at a minimum, deprivation
> of rights, civil conspiracy, multiple hate crimes, perverting the course
> of justice and aiding and abetting extortion.
> The AG is playing games with me because he doesn't want this scandal
> to break before the election (or anytime thereafter) as it will of
> course,
> undermine the authority of California's corrupt Judicial Branch, and
> reveal it's dark, deceptive underbelly. I have damning evidence of an
> anti-disqualification scheme by several judges, which leads directly to
> the Chief Justice. Even the legislature is implicated in the scheme.
> A year ago the California Department of Justice failed to investigate
> judicial felonies I reported to them and a few months thereafter, one
> of those felon judges signed a bogus judgment, ordering me to pay
> attorney fees of nearly $8k. Several judges repeatedly made rulings in
> cases where they lacked jurisdiction, and with evidence of widespread
> collusion between the defendants, all immunity is lost. This is BIG.
> Nine (9) of the ten (10) state actors I'm suing are being represented
> by a law firm in Riverside. The AG is purporting to represent Henley
> alone, and has filed a 'Motion for a More Definite Statement', but
> I've confronted them on the bluff. The motion is not signed, has no
> 'proposed order' with it, and multiple conflict of interest issues
> prevent the AG from representing the interests of the CJP. Have
> requested that they withdraw the motion as it appears it was brought
> for an improper purpose; as either harassment and/or an attempt to
> cause unnecessary delay in exposing the scandal before the election.
> The motion is scheduled to be heard on November 3rd.
> Actor Alec Baldwin's new book was recently released, which the LA
> TIMES called 'A devastating indictment of the Family Law system in
> California.' Another local Pro Se litigant, Dr. Joseph Zernik, has
> also filed a Section 1983 action against several LA Superior Court
> jurists.
> In fact, we're both suing two of the same judges: Hart Cole (site judge,
> Beverly Hills and Rosenberg, Santa Monica Supervising judge). There
> are several BIG stories here regarding our corrupt California judiciary.
> I've attached the FAC which was served about a month ago. All the
> parties have responded, mostly with weak and typical motions to
> dismiss. Am open to any suggestions you might have in terms of
> getting the word out. It goes without saying Ron, that your
> Jail4Judges initiative will receive widespread exposure and
> likely overwhelming support as this outrageous mockery of
> justice unfolds at trial.
> I'd be so very grateful if you'd be able to post the complaint to your
> website or circulate it as much as possible.
> Thanks very much for all your efforts to restore justice in our courts!
> Shirley Borchardt
> Box 691477
> Los Angeles, CA 90069

Tuesday, October 07, 2008 11:21:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Plaintiff is Sharron L.Rex of Blue Bell,Pa.

Former Montgomery County,Pa. Judge, Attorney,Psychologist.

Divorce Filed on Jan. 8th 2007 by Ms. Rex.

Case # 2007-00380

Duration of Marriage (5) Months.

Now, Over (4 ) years in Litigation

(4 ) Superior Court Appeals

(6) Judges assigned:


(3) Judges recused because of conflicts:

1) Arthur Tilson (Gave the Wedding Toast at my Wedding ceremony)

2) Thomas Delricci:

(Was hired for prior Legal counsel by Ms. Rex, Married Lynn Z. Gold-Bikin(Rex Counsel)during hearing this case.)

3) Carolynn Carluccio (was on the Wedding Guest List)

Record Number of Docket Entries (265) and climbing .

Ms. Rex after being married for only a few weeks. Apparently brought a non-disclosed Cancer illness into this short-term marriage. To which husband became her 24/7 caregiver during the duration of their (5) month marriage.

This changed only after the Pennsylvania State Police intervened for violent spousal abuse towards the husband by Sharron Rex at their marital residence located on Whitehall Road,Worchester twp.

Ms. Rex has used her former judicial position(Judge) to delay this divorce matter. As a result of this “Unjustifable Delay” , over a million dollars of husbands State Health benefits have been paid out to Ms. Rex.

Ms. Rex, Attorneys Lynn Goldbikin,Betty Lupo and the judicial staff in the family court system in Norristown,Pa. appear to have all colluded to delay this divorce trial, and assist Ms. Rex in staying connected to husbands health care plan.

Many complaints have been filed in regards to this divorce matter.

Attorneys Ethics committee complaints,D.A. Criminal and Corruption complaints, and Judicial Committee complaints for:

“Unjustifably Delaying ” this divorce trial by the Judges assigned to this Divorce case , for a (5) month marriage.

Copy of All related complaints to be posted on this website shortly.

Thursday, June 23, 2011 2:35:00 PM  

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