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Henry Lee To Join Maine Slaying Probe

Henry C. Lee photo [found here]

[click here] for my email warning to the below town in Maine regarding Henry C. Lee and the Connecticut State Police "Sleaze Factor"

EAST MILLINOCKET, Maine — - Two renowned forensic experts, including Henry Lee, the retired director of the Connecticut State Forensics Science Laboratory, plan to help solve the slaying of a 16-year-old girl nearly three decades ago in this northern Maine town, the victim's mother says.

Michael Baden, chief forensic pathologist for the New York State Police, has agreed to exhume the body of Joyce McLain and perform a second autopsy, Pamela McLain said.

She quoted Baden as saying he planned to take Lee along.

"It was more than I could have hoped for," McLain said, noting that Baden and Lee were two of the forensic experts she had hoped to convince to take another look at the case. "I never dreamed they would both do it."

Joyce McLain, a sophomore at Schenck High School, was killed the night of Aug. 8, 1980, and her body was found two days later in a clearing near the school's soccer fields. Her head and neck had been struck repeatedly with a blunt object.

Several suspects have been investigated, but no arrests have been made.

The above [found here] on The Hartford Courant website

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Maybe Henry C. Lee shouldn't be investigating anything until the years of misconduct and questionable leadership of the Connecticut State Police is ironed out. [more]

From the New York Times:

State Police Commissioner Quits After 5 Months; Scientist to Replace Him

Published: May 30, 1998

Gov. John G. Rowland announced today that his third police commissioner, John A. Connelly, was resigning and that he intended to replace him with Dr. Henry C. Lee, a leading forensic scientist whose expert testimony helped to acquit O. J. Simpson and William Kennedy Smith.

Dr. Lee has served as director of the Connecticut State Police Crime Laboratory for the last 15 years. He is widely credited with transforming the laboratory from little more than a microscope in a men's room into a $40 million research center. And he brings to the new post an international reputation as a criminologist, praised by both prosecutors and defense lawyers for an uncanny ability to reconstruct crimes.

But Dr. Lee will be stepping into a troubled department, which has shrunk to only 914 sworn personnel, its lowest number in years. It has been criticized lately for conducting politically motivated searches, as well as giving out surplus supplies to officers for personal use.

There also have been problems with outmoded technology, like a police radio system that cannot transmit and receive signals on rural sections of the interstate highways.

''I know a lot of good people in the department -- we work together, we grow up together,'' said Dr. Lee, who came to this country from Taiwan in 1965. ''They need somebody to guide them, to work with them, to introduce the integrity, training, education and new technology to lead this department.''

The Public Safety Department's disarray was signaled again today by Mr. Connelly's resignation less than six months after he took the job. A well-respected state prosecutor, he had taken office in January, succeeding an Acting Public Safety Commissioner, William T. McGuire, who was forced to retire after he ordered troopers to investigate officers who had criticized him.

Mr. Connelly will return, effective July 1, to his previous job as State's Attorney in Waterbury, a position he had left reluctantly under pressure from Mr. Rowland. Indeed, in 1994, he had turned down Mr. Rowland's offer to head the state police, saying that he did not want to leave his job as a prosecutor.

In Mr. Connelly's resignation letter to Mr. Rowland, released today, he wrote: ''The only reason I have for leaving the office of commissioner is a professional one. I believe I can better serve you, the people of Connecticut and the law enforcement community as State's Attorney.''

Still, his abrupt resignation came as a surprise to many, and some state officials said privately that it stemmed from Mr. Connelly's comments on Thursday in The Hartford Courant criticizing the state police and administration officials for using the state police to search state offices for electronic monitoring devices, without obtaining warrants or giving any warning to employees.

Mr. Rowland denied that Mr. Connelly's comments were an issue, and said that Mr. Connelly had approached him about resigning days before the article appeared.

And with the announcement of Dr. Lee as a replacement, Mr. Rowland minimized the political fallout over the latest departure.

Indeed, Mr. Rowland said today that he had talked to Dr. Lee about the job in December, but that Dr. Lee was not interested. It was not clear today why Dr. Lee had changed his mind, and all he would say was that the Governor ''really persuaded and convinced my wife.''

Dr. Lee, who has helped investigate more than 5,000 murders, has been called in as an expert consultant on a host of high-profile cases, donating his earnings to pay for more laboratory equipment and the training of police officers. He began working for the state in 1979, solved a number of previously unsolved murders and gained particular notoriety for his work investigating the 1986 disappearance of a flight attendant, Helle Crafts.

Using three-quarters of an ounce of human remains, Dr. Lee determined that the attendant's husband had disposed of her body in a wood chipper, and prosecutors went on to win the state's first murder conviction without a corpse.

Later, his testimony helped to acquit William Kennedy Smith of rape charges, pointing out that the woman's panties lacked the grass stains that would have been expected if there had been a struggle. He also helped to reconstruct what happened to David Koresh and his followers in the Federal standoff in Waco, Tex., as well as testifying in Mr. Simpson's case that blood on Mr. Simpson's sock had been rubbed in, not splattered, lending credibility to defense arguments that the police had planted evidence.

Dr. Lee said today that one of his greatest sources of pride was the integrity of his laboratory and that he hoped to extend that to the entire state police force. Both prosecutors and defense lawyers use his laboratory, he said, showing that both sides have a strong ''level of comfort'' in its work. ''We call it as it is, let the chips fall.''

The above [found here]

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[click here] for the Connecticut State Police on Probation

Is there still "Gay Bashing" going on within the ranks of the Connecticut State Police [more]

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A Connecticut State Registered Police Informant under oath, Todd Vashon:

The ongoing scandal involving Connecticut Police of hiring state registered Confidential Police Informants to beat police officers for police officers, set up troublesome "Big Mouth" citizens, help in revenue collection, obstruct justice, deal drugs, and generally get as much power and incoming tax dollars as possible. Should police in Connecticut pay informants $10,000 for murder-for-hire plots, set ups, and to maim and disfigure citizens over personal cop vendettas?

Should police be able to send out thugs to prevent being prosecuted for police misconduct?

[full clip]

[click here] for:

Should Police target homeowners to railroad to prison?

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Testimony at an official Connecticut Judiciary Committee Legislative Hearing at the Hartford Capitol regarding un-investaged complaints of Connecticut State Police murders, rapes, robberies, assaults, and other crimes:
[click here for google video]

Ritt Goldstein organized the above hearing. Here is the [full clip]. Ritt fled Connecticut soon after making [this video] in fear, seeking political asylum in Sweden, so terrorized by Connecticut Police.

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I proposed Civilian Oversight of Police to Stafford Springs, Connecticut, State Senator Tony Guglielmo also asking to propose legislation to make the courts more accessible and fairer to the general public. Connecticut State Police officer began to threaten me and follow me around for my political activities telling me that I would be arrested if I didn't leave Connecticut as I was "kicked out of Connecticut", by the Connecticut State Police. [more]


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