Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Is molesting children ok for lawyers?

Did legislators that are most lawyers, given themselves yet more immunity to abuse the public and not account for their rip off of taxpayers?

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To the Connecticut Judiciary Committee Legislators:

Should an Attorney, such as Michael H. Agranoff [more information], be able to lose important paperwork, such as the Attorney/Client agreement, and either not have any files on a client, or refuse to show them, to justify a bill of over $17,000 for defending a client that was attacked on his own property during a robbery attempt, where the client got a year in prison, 3 years probation for using pepper spray to end the attack?

The Statewide Grievance Committee seems to think that Agranoff shouldn't be investigated, and no hearing held, even if he issues them contradicting statements regarding his handling of my money, has lost or can’t produce my legal file, and seems to have committed theft, fraud, or other crimes in his pretense of acting as a real lawyer.

It has come to my attention that the Connecticut Judiciary Committee has given lawyers immunity in child cases with passed legislation. Does that mean a lawyer can rape children they are in charge of, or when representing the family in a case?

Agranoff seemed to owe Judge Jonathan J. Kaplan a favor from what I gathered from what Agranoff told me. Agranoff allegedly had some sort of improper relationship with a female client and faced being disbarred. Agranoff told me how unfair that was, defending his refusal to defend me, while charging me over $17,000 saying that Judge Kaplan had told him he was not allowed to defend me in a criminal case as payback for not being disbarred for improper behavior.

I had tried to have Kaplan removed as judge from Rockville court for bias in civil cases for at least 2 years prior. Should Kaplan then be able to put me in prison in retaliation? Does any of this sound like you might be interested in at least reviewing my trial transcripts to see that the courts and Connecticut attorney act legally, and in the best interest of the public?

[more information on Connecticut injustice]

Thank you,

Steven G. Erickson

[address snipped]


P.S. I am posting the text of this email to you [here]

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Former Connecticut Teacher, Julie Amero, had some porn pop up on a laptop computer. It was beyond her control, yet she faced decades in prison, lost a baby during pregnancy, and is still living a daily nightmare over what passes as "justice" in Connecticut. [more information]


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