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Again, Connecticut State Police Terrorizing Each Other!

It would be comical if it weren't so appalling. The Connecticut State Police Internal Affairs Unit seemed to help bad officers harass and terrorize the good, caring ones. The Connecticut Internal Affairs Unit had to be taken over by the Unit in New York by the New York State Police as Connecticut officers were abusing other officers to such an alarming extent. The official 168 page report that New York State Police issued regarding the Connecticut State Police, paints troopers in Connecticut as a Mafia-like organized crime syndicate, not law enforcement.

More proof that the Connecticut State Police needs to be dismantled for a Connecticut State Highway Patrol, town and city departments bolstered, and there needs to be Civilian Oversight of Police.

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Internal Investigation Into Threat
Supervising Sergeant Found Note And Bullet With Badge Number

By TRACY GORDON FOX | Courant Staff Writer
December 1, 2007

BRIDGEPORT - State police are investigating whether one of their own threatened a sergeant at the Bridgeport barracks who found a bullet with his badge number engraved on it along with a menacing note tucked in his desk drawer.

Internal affairs investigators have been called to the barracks to look into whether another trooper wrote the note, and the evidence has been sent to the state police laboratory. Investigators have done interviews and taken fingerprints from the bullet and the note, sources said. The note suggested the sergeant would be shot, sources said.

The investigation comes as other troopers who were whistle-blowers in the investigation of the department's internal affairs unit said they had been targeted for retaliation for making complaints.

Commissioner John A. Danaher III said the investigation is not a criminal one, but is being conducted internally.

"There is some confusion about how we are approaching it. I have gotten some word from some individuals who believe it is a criminal investigation and it is not," Danaher said Friday. "It is an inquiry."

Attorney General Richard Blumenthal called for a criminal investigation Friday, saying, "These reports are very deeply disturbing."

"They should almost certainly be the subject of a criminal investigation as well as an internal affairs investigation," Blumenthal said, adding there is also the possibility of a whistle-blower investigation by his office. "I have no information as to why [Danaher] may be proceeding in one direction or another. Clearly there is a very direct and imminent threat in this message."

The threat was directed at Sgt. Matthew Satkowski, known as a demanding patrol supervisor who is a stickler for detail and regulations.

Union President Steven Rief questioned whether the department is doing enough to prevent intimidation in the workplace.

"It is a call to the agency that whatever they are doing, they need to redouble their efforts," he said. "This is not conduct the rank and file would condone."

Danaher said the department's harassment and retaliation policy has been posted at barracks, on the Internet, and every employee has had to acknowledge receiving it.

"It is something we are going to continue to work on. We are not going to slack off in any sense," he said.

Rief said the incident may be the work of one individual who decided to act out against a supervisor.

"People should be asking questions," he said. "How can something like this happen?"

Rief said the union has offered support to Satkowski, who "has been on the job for a number of years and is a very good supervisor and does his job every day."

"I think anyone who had received a threat, either at the workplace or outside the workplace would be concerned," Rief said.

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Police in Connecticut are acting as a domestic spy ring. If you contact legislators regarding reforming police or the judiciary, instilling accountability, ethics, and the US Constitution, the citizen is put under surveillance, phones are tapped, internet use monitored, and a plan is hatch to dismantle a citizen's life, family, to discredit the citizen, falsely arrest citizens, and to have them falsely imprisoned as political prisoners. [proof]

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