Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Bloggers taking out corrupt judges

In May, Dale Ross, chief judge for the Florida circuit court in Broward County for 16 years, stepped down following a year of embarrassing scandals, gaffes and bad behavior by his judges.

Although pressure was building for Ross to resign for years, many legal observers say it would not have happened if not for the new Broward courthouse blog,
JAA Blog.

[more of the story HERE]

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"In the Interest of Justice", Documentary Primer:

Judge Winters in Brooklyn, NY, US Court seems to want to protect judges in this national hearing on the ADA violations, nationally, that have been going on 27 years unabated. Only 3 individuals in the entire United States got to talk about their thoughts on 27 years of citizens being abused, nationally, in the courts in the US. Judges should not judge judges as there is ripeness for judicial misconduct and judicial abuse.

The Blue Blood Rich Elite getting rid of unwanted "riffraff", "White Trash", and Minorities out of areas that the Elite think are too good for them. Taxpayers pay to ruin small business owners, average homeowners, and others, to make the rich richer at the expense of everyone else:

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