Thursday, November 08, 2007

Federal Tax Dollar Scam Farm, Connecticut

Exiled Father: Joey Watley (CT)

Text with above video:
At the Family Preservation Rally, Lincoln Memorial, 8/18/07, Joey, a Connecticut father, expresses his amazement and outrage at the injustice and lack of caring by government officials in his case who kidnapped his children at birth, predicting neglect, psychology as an absurd, vague pseudo-science, yet used as a basis to determine child custody. (poster image: "Lost Dogs" - original image courtesy of Center for Children's Justice,, copyright 2006 CCJ used by permission)

Disclaimer: my connection did not allow me to see all of the video above

Video that I shot tonight on DCF kicking in doors and a citizen suing Connecticut:

[click here] for more on the above theme

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