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A Sealed Case hiding massive official corruption?

Is former Connecticut Governor John G. Rowland really saying, "I tell lies this big"?

Rowland: Case Sealed For Kids' Sake

Associated Press (The Hartford Courant)
October 18, 2007

WATERBURY (Connecticut) - Former Gov. John G. Rowland asked to have his divorce records sealed more than a decade ago to protect his children, according to documents released Wednesday.

Rowland and his ex-wife, Deborah, divorced in 1994.

Their case is one of hundreds of family and civil cases being reviewed by the judicial branch to determine whether they were improperly sealed and whether some information should be available for public review.

The case file itself was not released in the Rowland divorce, only the docket sheets and the motion to seal the case.

Rowland, with the agreement of his former wife, asked in 1993 to have the records from his divorce file sealed. Judge Dennis Harrigan granted the motion.

The docket sheet for the case also includes two motions for restraining orders, but it's not clear who asked for them or why.

The review of sealed cases was announced in May by newly appointed Supreme Court Chief Justice Chase T. Rogers, who said it would balance the rights of parties in the cases with the need for openness and transparency in the judiciary.

About 500 family and civil cases in Connecticut courts were sealed under judges' orders before July 2, 2003, when a rule governing that practice was changed.

Those cases, known as "Level 2" files, are different from "Level 1" cases known as "super-sealed." The super-sealed cases were so secret that court officials were not allowed to confirm their existence and they were removed from all court dockets.

Dockets in many of those cases have since been posted on the Judicial Branch's website, and the same will occur with "Level 2" files if the newly launched review deems it appropriate.

Rowland, who served 10 months in federal prison, resigned three years ago after admitting he accepted more than $100,000 in private flights and repairs to his Litchfield cottage from state contractors.

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Steven G. Erickson's comment in the Hartford Courant forum:

The sealed Rowland case might reveal a whole string of domestic disturbances and abuse.

If police were called frequently to the Rowland household and nothing was done, what does that say?

Did Rowland owe top cops in Connecticut favors? Did police under Rowland and now Rell get everything on their grocery list? Police in Connecticut seem to have an unlimited budget, keep growing even though Connecticut population is decreasing, and seem to have no effective internal affairs even for officers abused by other officers.

If the court was sealing cases to help hide Rowland's indescretions, alleged beatings of his first wife, and other cover ups by police of Rowland's illegal behavior what does that say?

If you speak out publicly, stating your name, and want ethics and public service in the Connecticut courts and with police expect to be investigated, arrested, and put in prison.

All that I have known within the system and regular citizens face massive retaliation for questioning the real authority in Connecticut, the police and the Mafia of Judges.

Go to an elected official about police, the elected official is required to contact the police liaison and the Commissioner of State Police is often notified. The citizen is then under investigation and followed around by police.

So if Rowland and now Rell weren't part of the blue wall of silence of the police union and Mafia of Judges in Connecticut, they would have been railroaded out of office.

The only reason Rowland did a year is that the amount of money he took, he probably didn't payback a favor to someone that forked out hundreds of thousands and got nothing in return. And Rowland only got a slap on the wrist for his massive crimes so that he would not sing on the Feds, other officials, police, judges, Connecticut big business, and organized crime wouldn't be named when the something hit the fan.

State Police in Connecticut were out confiscating evidence and threatening PIs that were collecting evidence on Rowland's alleged mistress and former DCF head, Kristine Regaglia.

Judges that could influence Rowland's case from behind the scenes were probably appointed by Rowland.

Rowland as a criminal going through the "justice system" in Connecticut claimed to be penniless. Now an inmate released on society he has a $500,000 home. Who is kidding who?

If you go to your elected officials about this type of corruption, you too, can end up arrested, losing your home, family unity, job, and the sum total of your life's work just for asking questions and exposing the circus of Connecticut corruption.

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