Sunday, May 13, 2007

Probation for Sexually Assaulting a 13 Year Old!


Man Who Claimed Wife Died In Iraq Pleads To Sex Assault

May 13, 2007
Associated Press
WATERBURY, Conn. -- A 46-year-old man, already serving time for telling police that his wife had died in Iraq, has pleaded guilty to charges that he sexually abused a 13-year-old girl.

Edward Valentin had faced sexual assault charges, but under a deal with prosecutors, pleaded guilty Friday to risk of injury to a minor. He is expected to be sentence to probation.

Assistant State's Attorney Gail Hardy said she agreed to the deal because she believed that testifying during the trial would have been detrimental to the mental health of the girl, who is now 17.

"The victim was actually happy she doesn't have to go through the exercise of testifying," Hardy said. "But she was willing to do it if she needed to."

Valentin is currently serving an 87-day sentence for fabricating a story in 2004 that his then-wife, U.S. Army Reserve Sgt. Betsy Heelan, had been killed in Iraq.

Valentin received national attention in February 2004 when he claimed he received a phone call from the U.S. Department of Defense informing him that his wife had been among 101 soldiers killed in an explosion in Baghdad.

After it became clear the Army did not call him, Valentin claimed to be the victim of a cruel hoax. He later admitted he made up the story and said it was because he thought it would get his wife home.

Prosecutors said he made up the story because he was wanted to date a woman who had told him she did not want to get involved with a married man.

He is now divorced, and is expected to be released from prison on May 23.

Had he been convicted of the sexual assault charges the former Waterbury resident could have been sentenced to up to 31 additional years in prison.

Under the agreement with prosecutors, Valentin is expected receive a seven-year suspended sentence and five years probation when he goes to court on July 27. He is also barred from having contact with the teen.


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Comments on the article so far:

He sexually abuses a 13 year old teen and gets probation? A plea deal for a sex offender? Nice job're as bad as the sex offender. Let's hope a young child related to YOU doesnt fall into the hands of a pediophile.

Brattleboro, VT:

The justice "system" in Connecticut is completely whacked there is no rhyme or reason.

Probation for raping or sexually assaulting children is criminal. The judge should be charged with risk of injury to minors and the counts being the number of children in Connecticut.

I got a year in prison, 3 years probation for pepper spraying a mugger who demanded my wallet in my dark driveway or he would kill me! I wasn't on probation or in jail and had no criminal record.

Connecticut cases are fixed, so I am wondering why the one above was really fixed.

When I was in prison I read how an armed robber always in trouble got probation, 10 years, no jail time for armed robbery! I read another story for a man always in trouble had raped a woman and he got probation.

With this craziness, I was told by my probation officer that I was to leave Connecticut or go to jail, she'd violate me just for staying in.

I am off probation and away from the craziness which is Connecticut. I do need the craziness that is now a bogus criminal record to go on with my life.

The court system in Connecticut needs to be shut down before it does any more damage to citizen, their families, and to children!


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