Sunday, May 13, 2007

The Connecticut Judiciary is Unfair to Fathers and their Children
Date: Sat, 12 May 2007 23:55:46 EDT
Subject: [connecticutcivilrightscouncil] Rally for Kennedy appeal May 21, 2007
At 10 AM on May 21, 2007 the Appellate Court of Connecticut will hear oral argument regarding two cases of false restraining orders issued out of Rockville Court. Judges Kaplan, Graziani and Klaczak removed Christopher Kennedy's children based on a complaint against judge Kaplan. We are holding a rally outside the court that morning and petitioning to get cameras into the courtroom to record this event. These two cases represent two fundamental problem fathers face in family court, judicial bias and false allegations. If the rulings are upheld, the court is sanctioning the taking of our children in retaliation for judicial complaints. Forward this Email and Attend with purple colors.
In January of 2004 the Administrative Judge of Rockville court, Jonathan Kaplan, issued a six month restraining order against Christopher Kennedy, suspending visitation with his son. Kennedy was still allowed full contact by phone, email and letters and attending school events with his son. There was no testimony or evidence the children were harmed or at risk. According to Kaplan, he didn't like Kennedy's parenting rules, his religion or his ethnical background and ruled that Kennedy abused his son. Kaplan pursued a DCF investigation against Kennedy, which was dismissed, and then criminal charges, which ended in acquittal by jury trial. Kaplan admitted to calling state prosecutors and refusing to fix a computer error which included the mother against his orders. During the trial he met privately with opposing council.

In March of 2004 judge Kaplan, along with judges Graziani and Klaczak issued a second restraining order against Kennedy suspending contact with his two daughters. There were no children listed in the application and no allegations of abuse. The judge ruled that Kennedy was "unstable" for filing a motion to recuse (disqualify) Kaplan and for suggesting criminal charges be brought against him. The motion for recusal was never heard.
The appellate court initially dismissed both appeals on the basis they had expired and were now moot. The Supreme court however, reversed this decision, that all restraining orders are appealable and remanded both cases back to the appellate court for a new hearing.
Christopher Kennedy
The Connecticut Civil Rights Council
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