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Corrupticourts, the Big Lie, the Big Scam

Rick Green Rick Green [THE HARTFORD COURANT]

Reform? Not Now. Not Ever?

February 13, 2007

Just in from probate court: Don't worry about reform, we'll take care of it.

Some very capable lawyers say that I have little understanding of probate court, that in most of the thousands of cases that these small courts handle, they are doing unheralded, positive work, handling estates, adoptions and the peculiar process of taking away all the rights of an elderly person.

There's no need to require that there be an official record of court proceedings, that judges be lawyers and work full time, that rules of evidence be adhered to, that some limits be placed on conservatorships, where the courts can take away all of your liberties.

We really need 117 courts - some open just a few hours a week - because I'm told that probate is different, a link to a time when Pa drove the buggy to town hall for a friendly chat about Grandma's will.

Press them and probate leaders say all that's really needed is better training for judges. To make their case against change, one judges' association has hired a Capitol insider widely known to decision-makers in Hartford - former House Speaker Richard Balducci.

More than anything, they don't want a regional, full-time court system that will eliminate dozens of judges. They also don't want a lot of new rules imposed on them.

There is one small change that the judges do want - move them over to the public dole and pay for their health insurance.

Not that there's a problem or anything, but probate is going bankrupt.

According to the office of probate court administrator Judge James J. Lawlor, the courts will be $5 million in the hole next year. The river of red ink will reach $25 million by 2010.

"We need to be better managing the work that goes through the courts," said Lawlor, a former Waterbury judge who is pushing for limited reform in the legislature.

Of course, a number of probate judges say you can't believe Lawlor. The Connecticut Probate Judges Association for Local Courts Inc., led by Woodbridge Judge Joseph P. Secola, says that the top probate judge is both untruthful and a spendthrift - a charge that Lawlor denies.

"This guy has gone nuts with his staff," Secola told me. "He has spent over a half million dollars in the last four years on outside consultants. ... Nobody checks him."

As for the courts, Secola promised me "there just isn't any good-old-boys network." And the oversupply of courts "is a problem that is going to take care of itself."

I wondered how this might have prevented Dan Gross, a New York resident, from being committed to a nursing home by an overzealous court. Or Maydelle Trambarulo, a New Jersey woman still in a New Haven nursing home, unable to return to her husband and family because a distant relative persuaded the courts to take away all her rights. Or in Southington, where a pending complaint alleged that a local judge might have profited off a land deal that passed through his court.

Cases like these are the exception, said Danbury Probate Judge Dianne E. Yamin, leader of the probate assembly. She told me probate does countless good deeds that the media never report. Yamin, who said she works full time as a judge, told me that there's no need for the General Assembly to shake up probate.

"We need to all work together and make the improvements and reform in our system that will benefit the citizens of our state," Yamin said.

Finally, I talked to state Rep. James Spallone, whose mother was a probate judge and who now is sponsoring the bill that would pick up the health insurance tab for judges. He said that he wants to "preserve some of the best parts of the system without a complete overhaul."

So relax. There aren't any problems. Probate court is just fine.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...


MORE OF THE SAME!!!! Teresa Sirico is still filing appeals, bringing up old testified information, is still on her scam to keep this poor woman and her money in CT. "TERESA SIRICO" is bringing up old emails that she had the family write to her, when she began her mission to set the family in feud against each other. TERESA SIRICO, in my opinion, is a lying, malignant, destructive, evil, manipulative, and mental monster!! On top of that, the so called conservator (for the so called benefit of Maydelle Trambarulo) is a joke. The conservator "MARK DELLAVALLE" was paid $48,000 in 2006 from the monies of Maydelle and Ralph Trambarulo, and requested another $37,000 up to September 2007. Can you smell that this is all about money? MARK DELLAVALLE had to retain TWO lawyers for himself because he is not competent enough of an attorney to deal with matters on his own, and fears being sued himself. If I were the Trambarulo family I would sue both MARK DELLAVALLE AND TERESA SIRICO for anything and everything I could. From what I have heard, the family has full intent of doing so. Maydelle still sits isolated in CT in assisted living, with the monster of a kidnapper TERESA SIRICO. "Supposedly" she was given only two weeks to live in November, and after it "appeared" that Maydelle could not travel due to failing medical conditions- both SIRICO and DELLAVALLE obtained a note from the doctor stating that she could not medically travel. Oddly enough, since then- Maydelle appears to be of a condition that does NOT represent a dying woman. I have to wonder if someone self servingly drug induced Maydelle to make her appear in a comatose state!! Don't be surprised, this has been done before to elder people!! What in the hell is it going to take to send Maydelle Trambarulo home, especially since two courts and two judges have already ruled that she be sent home!!!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008 10:29:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

EXPOSED……Guardian Abuse!

Mark Dellavalle, Teresa Sirico

Victim: Maydelle Trambarulo and Family

Fox 5 News New York aired 2/19/08, and nationally

Please watch this story from Fox 5 News! Maydelle Trambarulo’s story begins about half way through the segment. Learn how these poor victims are being abused, cheated, stolen from, held in “prison”, and “possibly” even drugged! It’s no wonder Mark Dellavalle had no comment for the reporter. Oh, and let us all not forget the cousin who started all of this (her picture with her cat are shown in the segment, of Teresa Sirico). Please beware of conservator’s, court appointed guardians, Mark Dellavalle, and Teresa Sirico. See link below to watch:


Wednesday, February 20, 2008 9:04:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

EXPOSED AGAIN!! Mark Dellavlle and Teresa Sirico- YOU'VE BEEN EXPOSED!!!

Anne Haines, the daughter of Maydelle Trambarulo, was invited to appear on the FOX News Talk Show- "The Morning Show with Mike and Julliet". Click on the link or copy and paste into your browser:


Thursday, February 28, 2008 6:44:00 PM  

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