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The Difference between being Rich, White, and Connected AND the NOT is:

If you are former Governor John G. Rowland [story and picture], you can be a corrupt MF pretty much everyday of you life, being an arrogant, pompous ass, take bribes, live life like a rockstar, get caught for spending way more than you make, say you are broke, do a lame minimum jail sentence, and then get out and buy a $500,000 house.

If you are Black like Ernie Newton, or anyone average and not Connecticut, there is a separate and unequal BBQ Justice System for you.

Click Here for a story on the Connecticut Department of Domestic Spying

It is not ok to take bribes or break the law, but why should White and Connected, former Governor Rowland do 100 more times damage to the public trust, take much more, more often than Ernie Newton, and Rowland gets a year, and Newton faces some real hardship.

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Judge: Expect No Leniency
Lawyers Seeking A Reduced Prison Sentence For Ex-State Sen. Newton
December 20, 2006
By CHRISTOPHER KEATING, Capitol Bureau Chief, Hartford Courant

BRIDGEPORT -- When he was sentenced in February, former state Sen. Ernest Newton got five years in prison for taking a bribe, not paying his taxes and pilfering more than $40,000 in campaign contributions for personal use.

And while an appeals court has ordered the trial judge to explain his reasoning in meting out five years, that trial judge on Tuesday indicated he will show no leniency for the disgraced Bridgeport legislator.

Senior U.S. District Court Judge Alan H. Nevas said from the bench that "the grounds for the sentence that was imposed were adequate" and that he has every intention "to impose the same sentence."

At issue with Newton's lawyers is which federal sentencing guidelines for Newton's convictions Nevas used: 2003 guidelines with an upper range of three years and five months, or 2005 guidelines with an upper range of seven years and three months.

Guidelines aside, the maximum penalty under the law on Newton's convictions is 35 years in prison.

Nevas will review legal briefs from both sides and hold a hearing March 6, during which Newton can address the judge. After that, Nevas will make his official ruling - one that he telegraphed on Tuesday.

Newton was not at the proceeding, but will be brought from the prison camp at Fort Dix, N.J., for the March hearing. He is serving time in the same prison as former Bridgeport Mayor Joseph Ganim, but one of Newton's attorneys declined comment on whether the two former politicians speak to each other.

Newton's once-promising political career came crashing down last year when he pleaded guilty to three felony counts for accepting a $5,000 bribe, evading taxes and using campaign contributions to pay for car repairs, cellphone calls and other personal bills. Less than one week before his guilty plea in September 2005, Newton resigned his Senate seat in a fiery speech, calling himself "the Moses of my people" and saying he would still win in a landslide if he ran for office again.

Known for wearing purple suits in the Navy blue, buttoned-down state Senate, Newton gained a reputation as a champion of the poor and as a longtime proponent of the so-called millionaires' tax on the state's richest residents.

Before his sentencing, Newton had told friends that he expected to receive less prison time than former Gov. John G. Rowland, who was released early after being sentenced to one year and one day.

The difference, prosecutors said, is that Newton pleaded guilty to three felonies and Rowland one - and that an FBI wiretap got Newton discussing a bribe on tape.

In sentencing Newton earlier this year, Nevas - himself a former state legislator from Westport - excoriated Newton. The 78-year-old judge said his own time in the legislature was among the best years of his life and that it was "inconceivable" that any legislator could place his office up for sale.

On Tuesday, Nevas said five years in prison was appropriate because of "the defendant's repeated and continuous betrayal of the public trust" and because Newton was involved in corruption at the same time as the high-profile Rowland impeachment hearings in June 2004.

The battle over Newton's prison time involves the time frame of the crimes.

Nevas used the 2005 federal sentencing guidelines, which called for a sentence of 70 months to 87 months. But Newton's lawyers said the 2003 guidelines of 33 months to 41 months should be used because the bribery took place in September 2004 - before the 2005 guidelines took effect.

Nevas said he would impose the same sentence, regardless of which guidelines were cited.

One of Newton's attorneys, Joseph Martini of Southport, said the older guidelines would bring a ruling that is more fair to Newton.

"You can't increase the punishment for a crime that has already occurred and apply it retroactively," Martini said.

An admitted ex-drug addict from the inner city, Newton is a man of contradictions who is also a former music teacher and an accomplished pianist of classical and gospel music. He was simultaneously a fighter for the poorest of the poor and a politician who admitted taking bribes.

Always known for a quip, Newton was one of the most colorful legislators and one with a reputation for malapropisms. He once expressed his concern about an issue by saying, "I'm just afraid of opening up a panacea's box."


Anonymous Anonymous said...

William A. O'Neill:
An Inventory of His Gubernatorial Records at the Connecticut State Archives.

136 0078CL-001 Judicial January-August 1981 Complaint about bankruptcy court; complaint about treatment by Infractions Bureau; protests fine and probation; need stronger judicial system; critical of family court in enforcing child support order
136 0078CL-002 Judicial September-December 1981 National Criminal Justice Association bulletins; protests sentence given son; critical of judges in family court; information about the General Assembly's Judiciary Committee study of eminent domain p
136 0078CL-003 Judicial--Judge Aaron Ment 1981-1982 Letters protest light sentence given in rape case heard by Judge Ment.
136 0078CL-004 Judicial January-April 1982 FBI praises Connecticut State Police; request for reprimand of Judge Aaron Ment; ask Governor to reduce son's sentence; support for Judge Alvin Rottman; comments concerning selection of judges; compla
136 0078CL-005 Judicial May-July 1982 Object to involuntary committal; suggest using state hospital buildings as correctional facilities; recommendation for appointment; concern about jail overcrowding; complaint about court facilities; o
136 0078CL-006 Judicial August-December 1982 Complaints against judges; requests release of son's bicycle from police; judge wishes to retire; petition to reduce sentence of man tried for manslaughter; judge requests Senior Judge status; employe
136 0078CL-007 Judicial--U.S. Department of Justice 1982 Press releases.
136 0078CL-008 Judicial 1983 Information from the U.S. Department of Justice; seeking grandfather's estate in probate courts; approval of state's Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention Plan; critical of the court system, wan
136 0078CL-009 Judicial 1984 Governor announces expanded review of prospective judges; criticism of judge.
136 0078CL-010 Judicial 1986 Complaint about family court; announcements from the U.S. Department of Justice; complaints about judges; support for judge seeking reappointment; oppose judge not being reappointed; criticism of the
136 0078CL-011 Judicial January-May 1987 Personnel issues; request Governor's intervention in court case; problems collecting child support; judicial system failing; judge requests appointment to Supreme Court; report from Massachusetts on d
137 0078CL-012 Judicial June-July 1987 Complaint about judge; requests for consideration for appointment to Appellate Court; protest judgment in criminal case. [Some letters 'bucked to Chief Court Administrator for response.]
137 0078CL-013 Judicial August-September 1987 Attorney requests appointment as judge; complaints about judges; recommendations for appointment to the judiciary; asks Governor for help with case.
137 0078CL-014 Judicial October-December 1987 Individuals and employers protest jury duty; allegations against police and the judicial system; case before the Supreme Court; attorneys request appointment as judge; recommendations for appointment
137 0078CL-015 Judicial January-April 1988 Ask Governor to change sentence; critical of judicial system; protest criminals being let out of jail too soon; protest probate tax; contest traffic violation; complaint about judge. [Most letters b
137 0078CL-016 Judicial May-July 1988 Protest low compensation paid jurors; needs Governor's help having case heard before the Statewide Grievance Committee; ask Governor to commute murder sentence; request Governor to offer a reward in r
137 0078CL-017 Judicial August-December 1988 Complaint that sentence not severe enough; complaints about judges; grant extension announced by U.S. Department of Justice; complaint about family court; asks Governor to reduce sentence.
137 0078CL-018 Judicial January-February 1989 Questions about and problems with Small Claims Court; protest alleged murderer going free; critical of judicial system; U.S. Department of Justice informs state of changes to the Juvenile Justice and
137 0078CL-019 Judicial March-April 1989 Report concerning the investigatory grand jury system; complaints about judicial system; complaint about judge; complaint about Judicial Review Council; complaint about attorney; complaint filed again
137 0078CL-020 Judicial May 1989 Report on Adult Probation Officer involved in misappropriation of funds; notice of meeting to develop long-range plan for court facilities; complaint about attorney; protest court ruling; personnel is
137 0078CL-021 Judicial June-August 1989 Asks Governor's help enforcing visitation rights with child; complaints about Small Claims Court; complaint about Superior Court; wants Governor to adjudicate speeding ticket; complaints about Central
138 0078CL-022 Judicial September-October 1989 Complaint about court; complaint about trial and sentence, wants Governor to grant temporary release; asks Governor's help enforcing visitation rights with child; asks Governor to reduce sentence; sen
138 0078CL-023 Judicial November-December 1989 Individual wants to take state and federal courts to court; sentence for drug dealers too light, judge needs to be censured; problem with small claims court; complaints about judicial system; ask Gove
138 0078CL-024 Judicial January-February 1990 Requests Governor's help getting child support order modified; object to family court ruling concerning child custody; problem with probate court; complaints about judges; address by U.S. Attorney Gen
138 0078CL-025 Judicial March-April 1990 Asks Governor to help find grandson's killer; allegation of corruption among judges and prosecutors; recommendation for appointment to Appellate Court; problems with Small Claims court; complaint abou
138 0078CL-026 Judicial May-December 1990 Problems with Small Claims Court; ask Governor to enforce child support order; complaints about judicial system; woman seeks recommendation against deportation from Superior Court; want sentences redu
138 0078CL-027 Judicial 1991 Audit report.

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