Friday, December 08, 2006

Connecticut DCF Misconduct and Other Official Citizen Abuse

Chris Kennedy speaks out in a Channel 8 News piece:

* * * *

I interview Kristine Blake of the Connecticut Department of Retardation regarding Official and Manchester Connecticut Police Misconduct. Had Ms. Blake not had been out of the country and had a stamped passport, the manufactured evidence and false allegations would have been used against her. She could have been imprisoned for being a whistleblower. No police or others have been arrested or prosecuted in this case of officials abusing the public and their own. Ms. Blake speaks:

* * * *

More reasons to abolish Judicial Immunity:

The above video, is me, Steven G. Erickson, letting Official Connecticut have it live on television at a Judiciary Reform Committee hearing. I was attacked or nearly attacked 7 times on my property by an alleged police informant. I called Stafford Connecticut State Senator Tony Guglielmo after each of the incidents. Why was I put in prison for being a stalking, attempted robbery, and victim of a planned assault on me in my dark driveway.

Answer: I tried to have Judge Jonathan Kaplan removed from the bench for his condoning of insurance fraud, in my opinion, regarding the small claims case at Rockville Connecticut Superior court, Haas vs. Erickson. I believe Arthur L. Spada, the former Police Commissioner acted in illegal collusion with Judge Jonathan Kaplan to deprive me of my home, my small business, my family, my civil rights, and see that I went to prison after Connecticut State Police Officers Amaral and Langlois perjury in a rigged trial. Attorney Michael H. Agranoff told me he was not allowed to defend me as ordered by Judge Kaplan to either avoid being disbarred for having an improper relationship with an underage client, for paying back a favor in not getting disbarred, or for other reasons.

The Properties I spent 100's of thousands of dollars fixing up from a boarded up condition:

The former Norwalk Connecticut Mayor Bill Collins testifies in front of the legislature regarding police vandalizing his property, wearing ski masks to abduct citizens be beat them at vacant factories, and the living in the Connecticut Police State:

Mary Alice Cook tells about Connecticut Police helping her husband beat her and then arresting her:

Colchester Connecticut Officers beat a teen for wearing baggy pants and a Colchester Connecticut McDonald's Hamburger restaurant. Phil Inkel makes a police misconduct report against the police officers. Phil Inkel is later beaten by officers at the same McDonald's for having made a police misconduct complaint. Stephen Murzin home from the US Marines sees Inkel being beaten and lodges a police misconduct complaint. Stephen and Ian Murzin are pulled out of their parents' house, brought to the Connecticut State Police HQ, Troop K, and beaten by Colchester Police and a Connecticut State Police Officer. Stephen and Ian Murzin are sons of former Hartford Narcotics Detective Richard Murzin. Richard Murzin complained about his sons being beaten and was felony arrested for having taken lunches at home using a cruiser to get home with, a common department practice in retaliation for wanting justice and/or for not listening to a department heads insistence he not investigate certain Organized Crime drug dealers. The Murzin story unfolds on regular Connecticut television news:


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