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1968, Monsanto Executives, drunk, laughing about Vietmamese born with organs outside their bodies

Airplanes spraying Agent Orange was [found here].

100's of millions of tons of genetically altering of humans, and wildlife, poison was sprayed on humanity from the air in Vietnam in 1962 to 1971. Early tests on rats allowed scientist to know the harm they were intentionally unleashing on humanity for profit.

Vaccine, chemical, and Big Pharma own media, and tell politicians what to do. So you are not being represented for your tax dollars. Taxation of you is without any real representation. The UN wants to make this official. You are staying home, you agree that you have no rights, don't own anything, and the UN censored internet and your smartphone are to tell you what to do, and will tell you what you can do, where you can go, and who you can associate with.

When I was 4, I listened to my father's Monsanto friends laughing about all the suffering the rest of the world had to endure. "War is awesome." They drank, they partied. There was so many sexual assaults and sexual harassment of women, and so many payouts to gain silence, Monsanto had to close down an office building in Springfield, Massachusetts, and put its executives in entire floors surrounded by glass at the plant in Springfield, Massachusetts.

White men of Monsanto are so racist, and sexist, that all employees have to go past military type security, and their was 24 hour video surveillance of all the office buildings, and the executives could only be not on camera, or tracked, when they were in the bathroom. Their psychotic, predatory, psychopathic, sexual predatory, racist behavior had to be kept in check while they were working to keep Monsanto safe.

No wonder Monsanto sought, and got, immunity from criminal, and civil prosecution for all the harm they are doing to humanity, and have done.

Bill Gates, sponsored by the UN, funded by you for the worldwide vaccine program, expects the same immunity.

My father, and his cronies, drank and celebrated all the genetic mutations, birth defects, deaths, and lifetime harm they caused for all of humanity, and loved their paychecks as well.

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I got an email from a friend of mine, to other friends. Between us, we know high ranking politicians, those high up in industry, and "white officials" nationwide. An email, I responded to:

Hey Men,

I wanted to check in with you to make sure you're all doing well during this pandemic. If you can't keep confidentially as normally stated, please ask for your name to be removed from any replies.

When you reply, make sure you reply ALL. Here is your Check-In (bwak)... (not necessarily standard)

On a scale of 1-10 where 1 is the worst and 10 is the best...

1. Life circumstance 2. Spirit for the 50+ days of quarantine 3. Spirit right now 4. Level of optimism for YOUR future. 5. Then give me no less than 1 no more than 2 paragraphs of what is going on in your life.

I'll start...

1. 7
2. 5
3. 6
4. 7

5. I've been doing a lot of work around the yard at my house. Because of work and CV-19 I've not been able to put it up for sale yet, but I want to get it ready so when the market goes back to normal I'm prepared. Since my girlfriends business is dead right now, she has been coming over to help. I didn't realize how much help she brings until we worked on my yard. She is great, and yes I have told her so. Joey has been helping out the past few weeks too when he's not working or remote learning. He's got finals this week so I doubt he'll be available this week but It's good to know I can rely on him when I really need to. I'm planning to have most of the yard work done by end of June, weather permitting then moving back to work on the interior.

Work has been up and down. My really big, 3 year, million dollar project is now winding down. We deployed the new system to production on March 22nd, huge win. The new system seems to be working much better than the old one. It has it's quarks but we're working to fix or work through them. I have a few concerns about the new CIO. He seems to be a Machiavellian (see below) leader. He has done a lot of reorganization and changing of responsibilities. A few people have left the company by either being pushed out or seeing the "writing on the wall". I guess I'll find out, but I'm making moves to protect myself by doing some learning, updating my resume, reaching out to colleagues in the industry, thing like that.

For those of you who don't know Niccolo Machiavelli's 'The Prince', I've added a link below that explains how it relates to business, good read.

Complete! Now it's your turn.


This was my response:

1. 8
2. 8. (no quarantine for me)
 3. 8
4. 8


I have not quarantined at all. I knew last July what was going to transpire. I knew it was all BS. I interviewed to be an operative for the police in Connecticut after the Oklahoma City Bombing, and got a front row seat of what was to happen the next couple of decades. It is all BS!

Two of my friends died within hours of each other of "natural causes" in 2011, Hartford Narcotics Detective Rich Murzin and investigative journalist AJ Fontaine, both had evidence of a secret UN program filtered to the rest of us from the International police union, the UN, Big Pharma, and a consortium of bankers and international corporate heads. From age 4, my grandfather, a North Dakota farmer and his best friend, a retired cop who was part of continuity of government in the military, broke it all down from me from 1968.

In 1968 I was aboard a B-52 bomber piloted by Ray O'Mara of Ludlow Massachusetts at Westover AFB in Chicopee. My father got a bag of money, stereo equipment from Japan, and police chiefs from all over were putting duffel bags of "something" in the trunks of the cars. In 1970 the Ludlow Mass Police Chief pulled me out of a school field trip, age 6, to the police department. I got a private tour from the police chief. He asked me if I remembered what occurred 2 years ago. I said I remembered, and I was asked if I said anyone "under pain of death" as I was told at the time. The chief continued and told me that he, and my father, a Monsanto Chemical Company Executive, were like "James Bond" and would save the world ...

I heard my father from age 4, having operatives from China, Germany, and all over the world, over to our Ludlow Mass house, who were part of the corporate plan to make null and void, the US Constitution, and sovereignty of all nations. My father was talking about national gun confiscation, and keeping all unimportant people off beaches, the wilderness, and to lock what remained of the general population in "prison cities". The movie Omega Man, 1971, starring Charelton Cheston, was a Monsanto blueprint.
In 1968, drunk at parties, the Monsanto executives said that the "shit we are spraying on gooks (in Vietnam)" was going to make children be born with organs outside of their bodies and cause horrific deformities. Monsanto was making millions of tons of Agent Orange, something "that I made up in my mind" that my father used to poison my cat, me age 3 because boys who hug on cats, especially "boy cats" end up being homosexuals ...

So, I am 100% positive that what is happening is the biggest coup of the world ever attempted by the UN, Bill Gates, and the makers of vaccines. YOU accepted the lockdown, so YOU ALL proved that you are sheep and won't fight back, no matter what. I don't blame anyone, for anything. Things would have been different if these plans hadn't already been hatched from the beginning of the 1960s.

100s of millions, mostly in the 3rd World may now die of starvation. The "vaccine" offered will have different versions worldwide. Versions of vaccines in the 3rd World will kill quicker. Big Pharma stands to make trillions for "solving" the problems they will have caused with this one coming vaccine.

Cause the problems, rake in trillions ... My father is part of the corporate non-religion, "Secular Humanism" - The terminator movies are their blueprint ...



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