Saturday, December 17, 2011

The lies about new US Secret Detention and Torture Law

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Infowars Nightly News will cover a brief history of the current president's lies to those who have blindly supported him, including promises to close Guantanamo, oust the rule of lobbyist's in Washington, create transparency, particularly on hot-button issues like health care negotiations and his latest act of pandering-- empty promises to veto the NDAA legislation when his own administration crafted the un-American legislation entered into the final bill.

Also in play are observers who see the fallout over the Fast & Furious scandal as Obama's Watergate. While the entire affair of 'walking' guns to Mexican cartels and gangs, who've otherwise been facilitated by the Feds and Wall Street powers, is contemptible, it is likely that the evidence of cover-up and lies on the part of Obama's cabinet will be the most damning. As with Nixon, the fallout will, with all probability, come over who knew what and when. Certainly, Attorney General Eric Holder has thus far been less than forthcoming with Congress' investigation. Will it trail all the way back to Obama himself?

It has also emerged that the FBI lied about mobile phone tracking software, after assuring Congress that it had not sought out data from Carrier IQ when the firm says otherwise. The IQ Agent software has been shown to log keystrokes and messages sent by smartphones.

Other stories to be covered on this special edition of the Infowars Nightly News include:

Obama's Watergate, Domestic Drones, New Riot Shields & More: Infowars Nightly News

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Stop Smoking Pot and Pay Attention to Government


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Bill of Rights, Ron Paul Under Attack, Raw Milk E. Coli Hoax & More: Infowars Nightly News

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Meanwhile, guest host Mike Adams covers the latest on the Bill of Rights-destroying NDAA bill, which Obama is expected to sign imminently. Mike has a special editorial comment regarding the dark course set by legislation authorizing secret military kidnappings, detainment, torture and assassinations by our own government against the people. We the People must rebuke and reject this wanton stripping of due process, one of the oldest and most important guarantees of common law.



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