Friday, December 09, 2011

Citizens United fighting against Corporate Takeover of the World

Thom Hartmann has a show on RT America. The topic below is corporate personhood. Many topics are brought up. This is news most people should be paying attention to. Don't trust any one news source. Don't trust any one person. Don't trust, or believe, hook, line, and sinker, any Democrat or Republican.

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Text with above video:
Corporate Personhood vs. Citizens United

Wal-Mart isn't a person and the Thom Hartmann Reader are subjects covered by Rob Kall in his interview of Thom Hartman. [link]

The evil of this is discussed. Government has been hijacked. We are seeing the resulting police state serving banks and corporations. Judges are monarchs who chew up people for corporate interests. Not having borders, not having representation, and making average citizens worldwide pay taxes and interest on loans they didn't take out is policy.

These corporations and banks are about smuggling drugs and organized crime. [links]

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America, CIA, Torture, and Music

This RT America video clip is a glimpse of what those who are in charge of your future are up to. US taxpayers are funding their own eventual abuse.How would you like to be treated like the subject of this video? When it is for real, 24/7, and there is no escape from the noise, psychological torture, and uncomfortable positions, is your humanity drained out by the minute? Should these torturers be prosecuted for war crimes even when they are torturing Americans inside America?


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