Sunday, February 06, 2011

Sarah Palin tries to Trademark her name

Imagine what a hit to Free Speech, Reporting, Blogging, and Comedy, it would be if Sarah Palin got paid everytime her name was mentioned or her likeness shown.

Sarah Palin Trademark Rejected -- For Lack Of Signature

Sarah Palin's apparent attempt to trademark her name has just run into a legal obstacle -- specifically, she didn't sign the papers.

Reuters reports:

Applications to trademark the names Sarah Palin and Bristol Palin, both for "motivational speaking services," were filed on November 5 by the Palins' longtime family attorney, Thomas Van Flein, but were quickly slapped down by a trademark examiner.

"Registration is refused because the applied-for mark, SARAH PALIN, consists of a name identifying a particular living individual whose consent to register the mark is not of record," the patent agency said in an office action.

"Please note this refusal will be withdrawn if applicant provides written consent from the individual identified in the applied-for mark," the patent office said.

You mean her ghost-writer couldn't have signed it for her?

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