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"Steering the Media" Committee

I thought something smelled to high heaven when I went to a meeting for the public, the media, and the judicial branch for "openness of the branch" at a main Connecticut Judicial Branch building. That is a bunch of crap, and the judicial branch did all they could to hide the "event" from the public. If media heads in a state are hobnobbing with those that are alleged to be involved in public corruption, court case rigging, nepotism, retaliation, bid rigging, racketeering, destroying and manufacturing of evidence, witness and jury tampering, etc WHY WOULD MEDIA HEADS BE MEETING IN A SOCIAL SETTING WITH THOSE WHOM THEY ARE SUPPOSED TO BE DOING HARD REPORTING ON?

SINCE THE "OPENNESS OF THE JUDICIAL BRANCH' campaign very little of the loads of shenanigans of the Connecticut State Police, the Judicial Branch, the Connecticut Legislature, the Governor's Office, the State's Attorneys Office, the Connecticut Attorney General's Office, and basically all that is official in Connecticut, THE REAL NEWS ISN'T REALLY BEING REPORTED ON. Other States could be as bad. All citizens who are paying taxes are funding these official criminals. Connecticut should be the "101" on what is wrong with all of America, and needs fixing.

Federal law enforcement, if they are truly doing their jobs in the public's best interest, should investigate Joseph D. D’Alesio aka "Uncle Joe". If you are complaining to a committee about the "Uncle Joe" corruption, nepotism, and the defrauding of taxpayers, you are most likely complaining to a committee with Uncle Joe as the main member.

The below is cut and pasted from a Connecticut Judicial Branch webpage
[found here]

Judicial Branch employees speak out

* * * *

Judicial-Media Committee, Fire Brigade

Committee Members:
* G. Claude Albert, Co-chair
Managing Editor, retired from The Hartford Courant
* Hon. Douglas S. Lavine, Co-chair
Judge, Appellate Court
* Tom Appleby
General Manager and News Director
News 12 Connecticut
* Hon. Patrick J. Clifford
Chief Administrative Judge
Criminal Division
* Joseph D. D’Alesio, Esq.
Executive Director
Superior Court Operations Division
* Hon. Nina F. Elgo
Hartford Judicial District
* Melissa A. Farley, Esq.
Executive Director, External Affairs Division
* Karen Florin
Staff Writer, The Day
* Paul Giguere, President & CEO
Connecticut Network
* Hon. Robert L. Holzberg
Administrative Judge, Middlesex Judicial District
* Charles L. Howard, Esq.
Shipman & Goodwin
* Hon. Barbara Bailey Jongbloed
New London Judicial District
* Ken Margolfo
Assignment Editor, WTIC-TV Fox 61
* Morgan McGinley
Immediate Past President, Connecticut Council on Freedom of Information
* Chris Powell
Managing Editor, Journal Inquirer
* Hon. Barbara M. Quinn
Chief Court Administrator
* Thomas Scheffey
Senior Writer, Connecticut Law Tribune
President, Connecticut Council on Freedom of Information
* Hon. Michael E. Shay
Stamford-Norwalk Judicial District
* Hon. Barry K. Stevens
Waterbury Judicial District
* Stanley A. Twardy J., Esq.
Day Pitney
* Adriana Venegas
Victim Services Advocate, Office of Victim Services, Judicial Branch
* Dave Ward
Assignment Manager, WFSB-TV
Channel 3

Sub-committee members:

* Karen Florin, Co-Chair, Courts Reporter
The Day
* Hon. Barbara Bailey Jongbloed, Co-Chair
Middlesex Judicial District
* Joseph D'Alesio, Esq.
Executive Director, Superior Court Operations

* Paul Giguere
President & CEO, Connecticut Network
* Thomas Scheffey
Senior Writer, Connecticut Law Tribune
* Hon. Carol Wolven
Presiding Judge, Bridgeport Courthouse for Juvenile Matters

Chris Powel used to do some quality reporting, exposing the dirt. Now that he has made new friends, why isn't he reporting as he did before?


Blogger William Doriss said...

I appeared before the following judges listed above: The Dishonorable Joan K. Alexander-the-Great, the Dishonorable Frank K.IamNutti, AND the Dishonorable Bernadette "My-Way-or-the-Highway" Con-Way. These people are corrupt and incompetent nincompoops. Con-Way and IamNutti are supposedly married. Ha! I wonder if they have separate bedrooms? Nice combined income though. These fraudulent leeches feed a the public trough, people. Just watch them gorge themselves. The public defenders are no better--maybe worse--are ye Karen Goodrow, Brian Carlow, and Martin Zeldis?... yea that's all of you phony-baloneys.

How about Joseph Flynn, you fraud and a phony-a$$ed POS! You wrote the completely bogus and incomprehensible opinion in AC #23941. What "law" school did you go to? The Law School for Undertakers? Do you even know how to read and write, you pompous moron? "If he had enough money to buy the dog, well then he must have enough money to pay the restitution." Say what?!? Justice Dranginis, are you stew-pid? You and your panel were frauds and phonies. How can U sleep at nite? Do U toss and turn while raking in all that unearned dough from the public trough, you phonies?!?

Chase Rogers, I have no faith in you, you, you sheeple in lion's clothing.

Sunday, August 16, 2009 3:19:00 PM  

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