Thursday, February 12, 2009

Asking for Legislative Protection from a Terrorist Police State

Melinda Tuhus File Photo was found on the New Haven Independent [here]
Connecticut State Representative Toni E. Walker, Deputy Majority Leader and Connecticut State Representative. [her webpage]

Text of email I sent to Representative Walker:

To: Representative Walker or to whom it may concern:

I testified in front of you and others on the panel live on CT-N television last night [Feb. 10, 2009].

I wish to inform you that the Connecticut State Police Capitol Guards are up to their same terror tactics. If Connecticut Police Officers, or the members of the Black Robed Mafia, Connecticut Judges, don't like what legislation a citizen proposes, or what a citizen says regarding police and judicial misconduct, that citizen can be a target for being arrested on sight, having their children officially kidnapped by DCF, enduring rigged court proceedings, and even being railroaded to prison.

The best evidence of the Connecticut State Police "Secret Enemies List", is the case of journalist and former Green Party campaign manager for Connecticut Governor, being arrested on sight after having been critical of Governor Rell. [story] Police in Connecticut can even be caught on tape after paying a Connecticut State Registered Confidential Police Informant to kill citizens for having made police misconduct complaints. $10,000 seems to be the going rate for police to pay informants to kill citizens. Are taxpayers funding a Connecticut State Police Death and Goon Squad? [story]

Chris Kennedy and I were both harassed and terrorized by a Capitol Guard or Guards last night when leaving. Each of separately when leaving had a Capitol Guard Connecticut State Police cruiser get right on our tails, almost touching our bumpers, turning their lights on the panel bar, but not the flashing light. The driver of the cruiser who pulled by me, seemed to be trying to block me from backing up, or even obstructing my ability to back up the vehicle I was driving. We were both followed out with a cruiser on our tail almost touching my rear bumper. The officer drove his, or possibly her, cruiser side to side for me to get a view in both mirrors and to see the illuminated lights on top of the cruiser.

That by itself might not be alarming, but both Chris Kennedy and I have lodged misconduct complaints against Connecticut State Police and Judge Jonathan J. Kaplan.

When I wished to speak out at the Stafford Springs, Connecticut, Town Selectman Frazzinelli (sp.?), allegedly installed town officers and Troop C, Connecticut State Police at the doors of town hall to arrest me if I tried to speak at a public forum where members of the public were invited to speak, publicly. I waited for months, had Donald Christmas drive me in, and pick me up, after speaking. Frazzinelli tried to prevent me from speaking and was very rude. Frazzinelli then made the front page of the Manchester Journal Inquirer, the next day for preventing me from speaking at a public meeting.

Why bring up Frazzinelli? Well, whenever I see him at the Capitol, he will stalk me, eyeball me, and alert Capitol Guards to try and stare me down in numbers and follow me around the capitol. I fear arrest anytime I come to the Capitol, just for being there. I have been pulled over walking, and detained. Frazzinelli is allegedly connected with the Department of State in Connecticut. Frazzinelli came in the hearing last night to check out my camera equipment, where I had my cables, and to stare at me, yet again.

Connecticut State Police Colonel Thomas Davoren seems to be the head of the Capitol Guard and is present often. Davoren allegedly saw to it that I was terrorized out of my Connecticut home that I used to own, to lose my great relationship with my National Honor Society daughter, to lose my small business, to be falsely arrested and railroaded to prison in a rigged "trial". [that story]

Toni, please look into my allegations. Please let me know you have read and received this email. Please pass this email onto the rest of the Connecticut Legislative Judiciary Committee. Please look into docket # CR01-0074672 as a committee to investigate the gross attorney, judicial, and police misconduct that is rampant in Connecticut.

A Grand Jury solution to this problem is discussed in [this OpEd News article].

More information about what I am talking about and youtube videos are [posted here]

My contact information given to you upon request.

Thank you,

Steven G. Erickson


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