Saturday, November 15, 2008

"Live Free or Die"

is the slogan in New Hampshire.

That doesn't take into account, the courts in New Hampshire. If you respectfully question authority, shouldn't you receive some sort of answer, not 100 days in jail?

The below, cut and pasted, [from here]

Liberty Activists Call WKBK’s “Talkback” 2008-11-15

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Radio TowerLiberty activists called WKBK’s Talkback and others call to discuss Ian being jailed for 93 days for contempt of court and failure to pay a fine for his tenants’ allegedly “illegal” couch. Thank you to Rance Muhamitz for recording this.

Please join us in calling the program with a pro-liberty viewpoint. Get details and discuss on this Free Keene forum thread.

Download the MP3.

Ian Freeman arrested and jailed for 93 days RAW FOOTAGE

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Ian Freeman from nationally syndicated radio show Free Talk Live has been arrested while in court over a couch and jailed for 93 days. This is live footage.

More to follow…

Keene radio host Ian Freeman jailed over couch

Filed under: Corruption, Free Talk Live, Hypocrisy, News, Personal Freedom, Thuggery — Michael Hampton at 6:42 pm on Friday, November 14, 2008

Nationally syndicated radio talk show host Ian Freeman will spend 100 days in jail because he questioned the legitimacy of a system which would penalize him for having a couch in his yard and conduct his trial in secret.

(Read on …)


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**preliminary report**
Active FreeKeene blogger Ian Freeman today helped the Keene District Court prove that it is ready to crack down on non-violent peaceful people today. At least 6 officers of various rank were present in court to try and outnumber the liberty activists. Judge Burke was obviously ready to order Ian’s arrest, and did so less than 45 seconds after entering the courtroom. Ian was then taken to a second room where his supporters could not go with him. He was viewed on closed circuit TV as he continued to question the system and not consent, and drew two further contempt of court charges, all three for 30 days in jail.

Watch for further updates, articles, videos, and more.

“Thank You For Your Service”

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This Veteran’s Day, like all others, you and I will hear that statement repeated countless times to the so called “men and women in service to our country.” They are credited with “keeping our country free” and securing America from people who hate our way of life. But while security is important to a free society, the military that was established to defend the Constitution is currently undermining the bounds intended by the founding fathers by occupying over 150 countries with a US military presence.

There is no doubt that there are people in the world disgusted by American people, but I’ll leave it up to you to decide if they hate us for McDonalds and freedom, or for a government that can’t stay out of foreigner’s lives. Despite the foreign and domestic threats to personal freedom, who is really responsible for the privileged life most of us are lucky to live here? (Read on …)

Selective Enforcement For Undesirable Speech

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On Sunday, October 26th, a bunch of different folks interested in promoting liberty gathered (assembled, if you like) in Keene, New Hampshire’s public Railroad Square for what was commonly referred to as The Freedom Festival. A week later, I did this interview with some locals who have been performing for tips in Railroad Square for about 10 months. They’re considering the name Z Squared but haven’t decided yet. I wish them well and hope the police continue to leave them unharassed.

(Read on …)

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