Thursday, September 18, 2008

"Ha Ha, I wrecked your life!"

Too many judges say pretty much that. What happens in Connecticut, eventually to the rest of the nation, example [Eminent Domain].

Bill Mulready has a net worth of a million or two. Had a foundations business and was helping construct fine, custom homes in Fairfield County, Connecticut. Had a fine home, was involved in his kids' lives. A judge pretty much laughed in his face, forcing him to liquidate his business. His children want to live the lifestyles of the rich and famous jet setting to Europe and going off to Colorado to ski. Bill now makes donuts 3rd shift at diner for about minimum wage and can barely afford sleeping on a friend's couch as an alternative to being homeless.

Fatherlessness, Prison, & Child Support

The above is part 2, of 3, of the Connecticut Fatherlessness Task Force Hearings, Hartford, Connecticut, Sept. 17, 2008. [Part 1] [Part 3]

Francis C. P. Knize's documentary series, "In the Interests of Justice". Francis was only one of three allowed to speak regarding years of national judicial misconduct, at a nationwide, single hearing, on various issues, and should "Judges being Judging Judges"? Stamford Court area Judge Tierny (sp.?) allegedly ruled out of jurisdiction in Knize's divorce case basically stealing assets from an LLC, not assets that should be part of ANY divorce case. Should judges act, not following rules, and seeming to enjoy harming, mostly men, AND harms children.

Breaking up Marriages benefits Lawyers

Connecticut DCF (Department of Children and Families) allegedly kicked in his door acting like police, where no children were involved, acting as judge and jury, allowing his wife to take what she wanted out of his home.

Lawyer goes to prison for testing Free Speech

Former Massachusetts candidate Attorney Barbara C. Johnson talks with Steven G. Erickson, about being how Free Speech rights don't apply to Lawyers. Connecticut Judge Jonathan J. Kaplan allegedly didn't like what was on Johnson's website and called Massachusetts judges to get together to see that Johnson was disbarred to be set up to be jailed if she didn't toe the mark and not speak out about Judicial Misconduct. Barbara was jailed after being disbarred.

Chris Kennedy speaks out about "Stalker Judge"

Chris' wife stabbed Chris, and while she was waiting for court dates for felony, 2nd degree Assault, was awarded the kids. Chris complained, so Judge Jonathan J. Kaplan saw too it that Chris faced 30 years in prison for checking the wrong box on a financial form, facing a $500,000 bond, allegedly engineered charges being dropped against his wife, denied Chris access to his children for 4 years, and has tampered with legal file folders putting Chris' judicial complaints about judges in folders so all future judges in Chris' also help retaliate against Mr. Kennedy.

Judge Howard Schienblum allegedly told a defendent to get up on a court table, crow like a chicken, and his charges would be dropped. Schienblum allegedly uses a violin to decide sentences. A harsh notes denotes a harsh sentence, a good note, a lenient sentence. Schienblum is also alleged to be openly racist in his comments to defendants.

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Connecticut State Police, Judicial, Prosecutorial, and Attorney Misconduct in a nutshell [click here]

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