Tuesday, September 09, 2008

An interesting comment on an old post

[the old post], scroll down look for the date of this posting. That post is also interesting, to me at least, for its content.

The gist: A 16 year old meets another teen at a teen center, they have consensual sex according to [this webpage]. The relationship ends when he finds out the girl's true age, she later runs away from home, the police look for her at the boy's house and he admits to having sex with the girl.

So, should this young man spend the rest of his life labeled a sex offender unable to get almost all jobs, most education, and most housing?

[Post] on why you should plead the 5th almost no matter what if the police just want to "talk" to you.

I think prosecutions and punishments should be in the best interest of the public, not in the best interest of lying lawyers who profit on misery. [post]


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