Sunday, July 06, 2008

What the doctor needs to order?

Judicial corruption has adversely colored our lives for many decades, yet many of those afflicted continue to pursue judicial remedies, notwithstanding such understood corruption. Because it is no longer accordingly possible to realize redress in our national courts, Richard Hettler [above photo] of Minneapolis, Minnesota has drafted a Private Attorney General Bill which essentially allows private citizens to sue the Government, based on malfeasance and more often than not criminal misconduct by government employees, including judges.

On 11 July, 2008, the following US House members were served with relevant documentation in support of Hettler’s Private Attorney General Bill; that is, Congressman Chris Cannon, Congressman Howard Coble, Congressman John Conyers, Congressman Keith Ellison, Congressman Dennis Kucinich, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Congressman Bobby Scott, Congressman Lamar Smith, Congressman James Sensenbrenner, and Congressman Henry Waxman. In the Senate, U.S. Senators Norm Coleman, Chuck Grassley, Patrick Leahy, Bill Nelson, and Arlen Specter were contemporaneously served.

This Private Attorney General Bill would supplement existing legislation now before both houses of Congress on evidence furnished Congress by Hettler in April. 2006; specifically, HR 785, and S461, and would allow for damages denied those who have been victimized by various and numerous offending judges.

Mr. Hettler may be reached at

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Grand Juries and why we need them, explained:

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