Monday, April 07, 2008

Judicial, Prosecutorial, Police, and Attorney Misconduct "Help" websites

Some police misconduct websites charge $25 or so to file your complaint with them. The same for those that are complaining about judicial misconduct complaints.

Attorney Michael H. Agranoff of the Ellington Stafford Springs area of Connecticut says he is a DCF, Department of Children and Families "Specialist". I know him to be a liar and a cheat from my experience with him. [my complaint to the CT Atty Gen about Agranoff]

So, some that say they or their organization is out to help you, maybe they are just out for what they can take from your purse or wallet. I came across this video and website:

Secrets of the Legal Industry

Richard Cornforth

Excerpt from his website:
"... Over the next twelve years, my confidence in the integrity of the American court system plummeted from thinking that matters were handled appropriately most of the time to understanding that the courts of America are almost totally corrupt. In spite of the hate-filled, anger-driven abuse that I experienced and witnessed in our court system, I managed to come through my own court experiences a net winner."

So, it this just another profiteer, or is it someone that is out to do something, or it just another individual out to profit from the misery and blood of others?

Text of email, I sent to

To whom it may concern:
I posted a youtube video of yours along with the link to your website here:

There are plenty of profiteers out to just get money out of the glut of citizens abused in American courts.

I would like you to get back to me, and let me know what you are doing to organize citizens, nationally, to attack this problem, legally, for results, and I can post it in the above link, and maybe network with you.

Thank you,

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