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Citizen Relief, abused in US Kangaroo Courts?

CT LT Gov. Michael Fedele [far left], CT US Rep. Christopher Shays [far right]

March 21, 2008

To Connecticut Lieutenant Governor Michael Fedele or to whom it may concern:

Subject: National Disaster Workers/Justice

I was one, and was fired because of an injustice that happened to me in Connecticut. I need your help to activate as a first responder disaster worker as I did after Hurricane Katrina, deploying to Mississippi and Louisiana.

This email to you, posted [here].

I had no shower facilities and the national guard helped get me water and food as I helped people get back on their feet, doing something about their loss of their homes. [photos]

I had invested in rental properties in Connecticut. Two, I had fixed up from a boarded up condition. I invested years and hundreds of thousands of dollars. I had gone to CT Senators Kissel and Guglielmo with the bias in the courts and how State and local Police target landlords and downtown small business owners that lack political and even organized crime connections.

The police and members of the judiciary seemed to be involved in a conspiracy to keep unofficial “Jim Crow” policies alive of separate and unequal, and to retaliate against complaining citizens and internal whistle blowers. [retaliation and unfairness]

6 gang members recently killed a young man. They received no jail time from a Connecticut judge. A probation officer repeatedly raped a mentally challenged man over years of time, got no jail time. Such is “justice” in Connecticut.

Ironically, the druggie felons “deployed” after I had contacted Senators Kissel and Guglielmo about needing courteous help, and actual protection and service from police to make money as an investment property investor and downtown business owner, also complaining about “fixed” court cases.

I resisted being beaten up on my Stafford property by a druggie felon, allegedly, encouraged to do so by the Connecticut State Police. Another druggie felon was at my Somersville property trying to catch me out on my yard there, to attack me, so only I would be arrested. [my former properties]

I was not offered AR, had no criminal record, and a VHS tape of how to find me guilty, but nothing about reasonable doubt and finding me innocent was shown to a jury where a worker for the police was jury forum.

My lawyer, Attorney Michael H. Agranoff refused to call any witnesses that would have proven my case, and attacked the only witness with any information aiding the prosecution, telling me that he was instructed by Judge Jonathan Kaplan to lose my case.

Two Connecticut State Troopers committed perjury [Docket # CR01-0074672] on the stand saying I had never requested to lodge a complaint about being assaulted, stalked, having my life threatened, and about the attempt of the druggie felon, police operative, to try and also rob me.

I was sentenced to a year in prison for “overreacting” to being mugged, stalked, and having my life threatened, being terrorized by operatives of the Connecticut State Police and by officers following me around for an extended period of time. [CT Police Enemies List Proof]

I had upset the police by complaining. Judges in Connecticut help retaliate. It is a sad fact, but it is current reality.

A Connecticut former teacher, Julie Amero [info], is still facing 40 years in prison because something beyond her control, popped up on a laptop computer, beyond her control. This is just another example of judicial abuse. Please, also, look into remedying her situation, as the court system does not seem to address fixing prosecutions that defy commonsense.

There is no justice, so I am writing you.

For me there was no sense in building a small business over 2 decades, maintaining credit, investing in a home, getting married, and raising a family. All can go “poof” if police use tax dollars to ruin your life if you are put on the Connecticut State Police “Secret Enemies List”

I have nothing, and can’t even get a decent job or an apartment in my name with a bogus criminal record. How is this helping the economy and acting in the best interest of the public?

I can get my job back as a first responder if I have no criminal record.

Will you please look into facilitating that and putting my request through proper channels so there is action. The courts are simply for collecting revenue and abusing those that dare complain about abuse. I have seen where citizens such as Christopher Kennedy of Ellington, CT, and Francis Knize appeal wrongful and illegals actions perpetrated in Connecticut courts and face having their cases dismissed without legitimate reasons and retaliation for daring to questions the “Gods of the Court”.

Please don’t delay, please act today.

Thank you,

Steven G. Erickson

c/o Francis Knize

50 Sunset Pass Rd

Wilton, CT 06897

P.S. a phone number where I can be reached available upon request

Email sent to:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

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Is there a connection between organized crime, prostitution, and White lawyers, politicians, police, prosecutors, and elected officials getting together at private, all White male, clubs? [click here]

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added March 24, 2008, at 11:55 PM EST:

I watched the first part of "Bush's War" on Frontline tonight.

What Bush was up to on September 14, 2001, says volumes. He knowingly lied about an African Iraqi Uranium transaction. We were lied into a war. If there was a war on terror, there would have been more activity going after terror links in Afghanistan and the Ground war in Iraq would have never been pursued.

Those in power in the US have no concern for what the public wants and care little what all this will cost us. George W. Bush might well be the most hated figure in the world, hands down.

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