Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Gender bias in the courts

Rockville, CT: family court requires mothers to work only 12 hours a week when calculating child support, but fathers must work 40+
In order to increase/extort the maximum money from fathers, Rockville court held a mother to only 12 hour work weeks and ignored over $100,000 of income deposited to her bank account. In this case, Jan. 24, 2008 and in another today, Jan. 28, the same judge requires the fathers to work 40 hours a week or more to maximize the support orders. The mother scammed the state as well for health insurance, earning near 4 times the income limit.

This is the definition of FRAUD. Applying different standards to each parent to maximize the federal funding for child support. Contact Federal investigators immediately and file a formal complaint. We need to take a class action to Federal court to stop these judges and the abuse by our state.

January 28, 2008, the same judge held a hearing despite the fathers motion for continuance - he was traveling from California to attend the hearing, " He did call me your honor to say he was coming but I want tot continue now." The mother simply claimed unpaid support, alimony, insurance, school tuition and books in a contempt hearing. No evidence, no document, whatever she demanded was gospel.

Not only must the person be present for such a hearing but he is entitled to representation according to the Judicial practice book due to the threat of jail. As is all to common, the rule book be damned and the mother is given whatever she asked for. Marshal fees, days pay, capias for the fathers arrest, Support, alimony, insurance money, collage tuition, room and board and book costs totaling $6300.

The hearing was ending at 10:00am when the mother insisted she needed pay for lost work. "Can't you go to work now?" asked the judge.

"Oh no, I have to go home and change and it would take too long" What about sick time or vacation or personal time, doesn't work provide that? "Oh no, I spent so much time in court" So the judge granted her $200 day pay. Then she went for the jugular, "what about a capias for his arrest" "No" said the judge, "he's in California" "But they could arrest him if he came to Connecticut" the judge issued a capias for his arrest with $6300 bond. Not a bad days pay, in 15 minutes a mother can make whatever claims she wants and the judge awards her $6300.

We need to help these fathers and expose the corruption. Write, email, call, meet with Federal investigators and report this FRAUD!!

-Chris Kennedy

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