Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Email to CT Gov. Rell

January 22, 2008

Governor Rell [website],


You seem interested in the plight of a rich, elite, and White Connecticut resident when there is a lot of news coverage. What about everyone else?

I am talking about [this].

If the Petits [story] in Cheshire, Connecticut, were a minority family in a downtown Connecticut neighborhood would you have done anything and would there be a special legislative session if there were a home invasion and murders?

I had invested in Connecticut property in a downtown area [video]. Stafford and Troop C Connecticut State Police had refused to offer protection and service because I was not connected and “was stupid” for buying property in a crime area. I went to elected officials and to the Governor’s office for help. Former Police Commissioner Arthur L. Spada was given my name to send his trooper out after me, for complaining and suggesting legislation he wanted blocked from being voted on.

My home was invaded multiple times. I was assaulted numerous times. The State Police made it clear they would only arrest me if I called them, because I was kicked out of Connecticut by them, for what I had written in newspapers and the legislation I had proposed to elected officials. Resident Trooper Mulcahey made it clear that if I did not leave Connecticut that I would be arrested.

The Ken Krayeske incident has proven that the Connecticut State Police target citizens for political reasons so they can be falsely arrested and held in prisons.

Peter Coukos broke into my home, changed my locks, and stole and destroyed my possessions. That is a home invasion. Police refused to do anything. I sued Coukos and he settled the case, an admission of his guilt.

Police then offered Coukos help in obtaining a pistol permit even though Coukos may have mental stability issues, has smoked crack cocaine, continually smashed into a woman of color over miles of roads in an incident of drunken road rage, to threaten and harass me out of Connecticut. Coukos left death threats on my voicemail.

Coukos assaulted me when I walked out of my home to get into my van punching me in the back slapping me in the back of the head telling me that he wanted my 14 year old daughter to give him oral sex, taunting me to fight. I knew that if I defended myself that only I would be arrested as I had previously resisted being mugged, and only I faced prison for using pepper spray no deals. I was sentenced to a year in prison by a judge that heard from my assailant’s mouth that he had threatened my life demanding money on my property before we had an altercation.

Everyday I was in prison I was taunted and ridiculed by guards, they referred to my “feud” with the State Police. When on parole, I was told I would be put back in prison if I lodged complaints against police officers or contacted the media. The parole officer was abusive and threatening. My probation officer gave me a choice of packing up and being out of Connecticut or being violated on probation for no other cause than not being out of Connecticut, in one hour from the first meeting I had with her.

The dishonesty of the courts, the cruel and unusual punishment of jail, parole, and probation can cause larger and larger segments of the population to want retribution, blaming the rich, White, and Elite in Connecticut possibly increasing the number of murders and home invasions in the rich Connecticut suburbs.

Making an abusive and unjust system more abusive and unfair will only cause more suffering and increase the likelihood of home invasions and murders.

Two Judicial Employees have blown the whistle on the fairness of the Connecticut Courts [video]. Please have the transcripts of the trial that passed off as justice looked into, and then please say the Connecticut courts are fair and just, for everyone.

-Steven G. Erickson


I am posting this email to you, here: [click]

My email to legislators posted, here: [click]


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