Thursday, December 20, 2007

FOI request to the Connecticut Judicial Branch

I just got off the phone with an aid to Attorney Melissa A. Farley and had asked about making a FOI request. She directed me to write a letter to:

Hon. Barbara Quinn
Chief Court Administor
231 Capitol Ave
Hartford, Connecticut 06106

Melissa A. Farley, Executive Director Tel: (860) 757-2270
External Affairs Division Fax: 757-2215

[click here] for the Connecticut Judicial Branch official website

I plan on asking the Judicial Branch in Connecticut how much they paid and to whom, to come up with these results [video].

I don't believe the results and think that taxpayer money was wasted without a 2nd thought. I also think it may have been an "inside job" where money for the survey, documents and studies, and for holding the meetings found its way to friends and insiders of those in the Judicial Branch in Connecticut.

I made a video of a survey that the judicial branch came up with. [video]

I don't see how that the Judicial Branch in Connecticut can say they and the courts are efficient, ethical, and operate in the public's best interest with an 85% approval rating. McDonald's Hamburger restaurants probably don't have that high a rating, and people WANT and CHOOSE to go there!

Two judicial branch employees let the cat out of the bag on what really goes on behind closed doors at the Judicial Branch in Connecticut. [video]

I think taxpayers are being defrauded by the Connecticut Judicial Branch in more ways than one.

Francis C. P. Knize,, has informed me about upcoming hearings in Connecticut if citizens mobolize to ask legislators to amend the Connecticut Constitution upcoming in 2008. This opportunity only comes around every 20 years in Connecticut. I hope that Francis, I, Chris Kennedy, and others get on the stick, and mobilize to take this chance to better the courts and life for all, making precedent.

What Connecticut does, usually makes precedent nationally, such as Eminent Domain. [video]

How the courts have obeyed ADA laws nationally and how judges shouldn't be judging judges might help to reform the courts, nationally. [video]

Check back here, we'll try and keep you informed.

I think this is what Official Connecticut would like to do to the average citizen after the kids are taken away, the house and assets confiscated by lawyers and the Connecticut courts, do you think you should, "Shut up and Like it"?

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