Thursday, September 06, 2007

Connectiucut's abuse of Families and Children

Dear Governor Rell,

I have received written confirmation from Melissa Farley, External Affairs, Judicial Branch, that she has investigated my complaint and confirmed that Judge Sword of Rockville Family Court has sealed a judicial complaint and added it to my case file.

In February and again in June 2006 Judge Swords ordered two separate complaints to the JRC sealed from the public and added to my court folder. No action has been taken, the complaints dismissed. She terminated access with my children identifying complaints against judges and refused to hear my motions for the next 1-1/2 years, only those filed by other parties.

The Judicial Branch publically claims the courts open, yet privately continue with sealing complaints against judges and denying access to the court.

This is an impeachable offense for a judge, blatant retaliation, blacklisting me to any judge who reviews my file.

The court has now increased the cost to see my children from $45/ 1 hr a week to $160 for 2 hrs per week supervised visits. This is the fourth year without open access with my children with no allegations of abuse or harm or unfit parenting, every report extremely positive.

I am safe with my 7 month old but not my 11 or 14 year old daughters. Will you target my infant son next?

Is it the policy of the state to torture the children of fathers who file complaints against judges? I do not have the ability, legally or financially to defend myself from this corruption as long as it remains acceptable. Corruption and child abuse is well within your jurisdiction.

Christopher Kennedy
The Connecticut Civil Rights Council
314 Jobs Hill Rd
Ellington CT 06029

* * * *

Attorney Barbara C. Johnson fought for Father's rights, she ended up disbarred and in jail. [more]


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