Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Are elected officials for themselves and each other, or are they for us?

Emailed to State Senator John A. Kissel of Enfield Connecticut at John.A.Kissel@cga.ct.gov

Senator, I have posted this email to you, here on the web.

As a member of the Judiciary Committee will you see that my trial transcripts are reviewed to see what laws Judge Jonathan Kaplan allegedly broke acting in collusion with the former Connecticut State Police Commissioner, Arthur L. Spada, in having me railroaded to prison to keep me from proposing Civilian Oversight of Police and Judicial Accountability to elected officials. I has spent over 2 years trying to have Judge Jonathan Kaplan removed for bias against the self-employed, contractors, and landlords in civil cases before he sat on my bogus criminal case, telling me that I would be found guilty and would go to prison before I was tried by him.

Do you think it was fair that a judge I was so active in trying to have disciplined and removed would tell me before a criminal case that I was guilty and going to jail? Should my lawyer have been able to get me a different venue? Should a judge be able to tell a defendant he or she is guilty and going to jail before a trial? The Judicial Review Committee in charge of disciplining judges is run by judges and they allegedly just shred complaints, not investigate them.

Should citizens save taxpayer’s money by shredding their own police and judicial misconduct complaints rather than submitting them?

I reported the trouble I was having with a former inmate, a violent drug dealer that was not a tenant of mine at my 2 family house, 18 School St. Somersville, Connecticut. The man continued to camp in my back yard, park his vehicles on my property and took over my property threatening me. Connecticut State Police, as always, are completely useless. The Somers Connecticut police officer told me he would lose his job if he helped me. Was he threatened by Connecticut State police if he helped me? Do you remember the time when there was a Connecticut Sheriff’s system before Connecticut State Police were out following them around, harassing and threatening them, arresting them on any charges they could in a struggle for power and money?

After contacting you about my troubles with criminals, I then was harassed, and threatened by police and some private detective or others followed me around snapping pictures of me and my properties to possible intimidate me and to gather information to further officially abuse me.

I called Stafford Springs, Connecticut, State Senator Tony Guglielmo after each of the seven times I was stalked, harassed, and/or beaten by Brian Caldwell on my propery. Brian Caldwell is missing his front teeth, is a known drug using, alcoholic, violent felon, who frequently passes out on sidewalks and urinates in public.

I was attacked again in a public restaurant, The Arizona, in Stafford Springs, Connecticut, by Brian Caldwell after he jumped me on my property, 3 and 5 Church St., Stafford Springs, Connecticut, demanding money, threatening to kill me.

Why then did I go to prison for using pepper spray losing everything, and Caldwell didn’t even get arrested and HE was the one breaking the law not me.

I told Guglielmo that I intended on suing the Connecticut State Police for violating my civil rights AND the AFTER, I was arrested facing prison, no deals.

I just got fired from a good insurance job based on a bogus criminal record. Should I suffer the rest of my life because a corrupt Connecticut legislature, executive branch, court system, and law enforcement?

Will you lift a finger and do a thing? Will you help get rid of a bogus criminal record? Will you allow the legislature to review cases of citizens that come to elected officials proposing laws such as having accountability of police and the courts when they claim they are targets of police and the courts for whistle blowing and for wanting honest government?

Will you see that citizens are protected when they seek to redress grievances with elected officials? Will you see that citizen are compensated and wrongs are righted when there is official abuse?

I cannot go on with my life until the bogus criminal and prison record is erased. I will not stop until it is. I will contact all important national figures and become more and more vocal in all media outlets until justice is done.

Having me followed around and falsely arrested won’t work this time as there are too many eyes watching and the tide has turned for those out to enrich themselves, their families, and their friends, retaliating against all those that connect the dots and speak out.

Senator Kissel are you willing to do the right thing?

Are citizen safe contacting their elected officials about real life issues? Should they be?

-Steven G. Erickson
PO Box 730
Enfield, CT 06083

email: stevengerickson@yahoo.com

* * * *

Ritt Goldstein let Connecticut legislators know about the abuse of Connecticut citizens by police and within the courts. Goldstein fled Connecticut to seek political asylum after proposing Civilian Oversight of Police. Donald Christmas of Enfield Connecticut was threatened with arrest and prison for proposing Civilian Oversight of Police at a Enfield Connecticut public Town Hall meeting according to Christmas. I proposed Civilian Oversight of Police and then later went to prison. This video is a little choppy and hard to understand in the beginning, but Ritt Goldstein does a great job showing Connecticut for what it really is, and it is now even worse:

Click Here for a post with more information

* * * *

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