Monday, December 22, 2008

...about judicial activism

From: Nancy Lazaryan (

This is about what I have been saying over and over. Go to this website:

In California the PEOPLE decided to amend their state constitution to ban same sex marriages. The California AG has brought a CHALLENGE to the will of the People before the CA Supreme Court.

Now the CA Supreme Court will decide whether the People can amend their constitution to ban same sex marriages.

If the CA Supreme Court goes against the will of the People in CA, the CA legislature will need to impeach the CA Supreme Court (but they can do that only if their constitution is the same as in MN).

I have said over and over..the constitutions are contracts between the PEOPLE and the government has no authority to tell the People whether the contract is valid, or any law is "unconstitutional". That job is for the JURY, both in court and the Grand Jury.

We MUST get moving on the IMPEACHMENTS as an important part of this work we are doing. The nation is watching us, as I have been sending out updates to the national organizations and media as to our efforts.


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Nancy on YouTube explaining Grand Juries and the Need for them:

OpEd News piece on the Private Attorney General bill and the need for the passage of that in DC this January. [click here]

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