Sunday, September 30, 2007

Brooklyn, New York, national hearing on Judges judging Judges

held last Thursday at Brooklyn, NY, US Federal Court.

I didn't take this footage. It is posted as a teaser, the footage is from back up camera number 3 ... more to come.

I was there and helped film the event as a cameraman. They let me in ... with all sorts of gear, I wasn't asked for my ID and passed through the metal dectectors with my cell phones, with cameras in them, on, and hanging in view. I pushed a case about 4' high on wheels with 4 canvass bags of wire and oddities right through. Nothing was checked ...

The nation needs to see the debacle and across the board citizen and US Constitution abuse first hand. More to come.

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Excerpt from the link above:

A conversation with a reporter

At the hearing, Dr. Cordero met New York Post Reporter Janon Fisher. I described to him the evidence already collected in 12 federal bankruptcy cases and explained how it points to a bankruptcy fraud scheme supported or tolerated by federal judges acting under cover of the systematic dismissal of judicial misconduct complaints. (Sample Summary infra; pr:15) I proposed to pursue such evidence through Watergate-like investigative journalism that would Follow the money! from financial disclosure statements to concealed assets. The investigation would aim to answer the question whether a federal judgeship has become a safe haven for coordinated wrongdoing. (pr:14)

[click here] for more video and information


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