Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Crime does pay for US Police, IRS, DHS, etc.

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Published on Apr 21, 2015
David Knight talks with State Rep. Kendell Kroeker about how he is fighting against Civil Asset Forfeiture.


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State Rep Fights Gov't Theft


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Sunday, April 12, 2015

Should lawyers be banned from serving on Judiciary Committees?

Is it a conflict of interest for lawyers who make their money in the Judicial Branch, legislate as "elected officials" on a Judiciary Committee. These "legislators" who are lawyers vote to give more power to lawyers, DCF, police, the government, and take more and more from we the people. Who do these lawyer legislator liars really represent. These lawyers should recuse themselves from nominating judges, confirming judges, or to do with anything with law or the courts ... they are lawyers!


Citizens are fleeing states with predatory policing, rigged courts, bands of DCF workers lying to officially kidnap children, and where they are taxed to no end while police, lawyers, judges, elected officials, and their organized crime cronies and families plot to take your home, job, bank accounts, children, wreck your marriage, your future, and dismantle the US Constitution.

Rarely is there such an outcry to remove a state's Chief Supreme Court Justice, such as in the State of Connecticut. There have been widely circulated petitions to remove Chase T. Rogers. Citizens wrote, called, and emailed legislators on the Judiciary Committee. Citizens took time off work and their daily lives to testify and protest Chase T. Rogers. Billboards popped up all over asking that Rogers be removed.

Yet, the elected officials, mostly lawyers, on the Judiciary Committee, voted Chase T. Rogers in for another 8 year term. Who do these "elected" officials really represent? Citizens are being ripped off, officials, lawyers, and their friends get rich.

There is growing discontent nationwide. Predatory policing, judges and lawyers rigging courts, and a government pandering to international bankers, corporate organized crime, and billionaires is not fostering faith in the system.

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