Thursday, January 09, 2014

Fax to Judiciary Committee regarding Judicial Abuse

The below text was faxed and emailed to the State of Connecticut Judiciary Committee:

This is my public testimony for January 9, 2014

To Whom It May Concern on the Connecticut Judiciary Committee:

How are children and families affected by the corrupt, and rigged, Connecticut court system? Should those who want to be self-employed, raise a family, own a home, and or retire in Connecticut re-think that decision as the system seem to be out to fleece all those they can?

I bought multi family houses in Stafford Springs, Connecticut. I found out the Peter J. Coukos was, or is business, with [Attorney Michael H. Agranoff] to obtain and manage Connecticut investment properties. I found out that Coukos bribed Stafford Springs, Connecticut, selectman John Julian to encourage police to refuse to protect and serve me and to target me so that Coukos could buy the properties as if it were a fire sale. Agranoff was my lawyer after I was attacked on my property, which was a conflict of interest. I got prison for resisting being mugged.

Although Coukos is known for being a “crackhead”, alcoholic, hires prostitutes, abuses prescription drugs, is bi-polar, and whose family calls him an unapologetic sociopath, who allegedly got a DUI or OUI in the Boston, Massachusetts, area after repeatedly bashing into an African American’s car after she allegedly cut him off, where he yelled the “N-word” repeated at her over miles of road, using his pickup truck as a weapon of terror. Peter J. Coukos has openly state that his preferred sex partner is either boy or girl, ages 5 to 8. Stafford Officer “Fat Frank” Prochaska and Stafford Springs, Connecticut, State Trooper Mulcahey allegedly offered Coukos help in getting a pistol permit for harassing, assaulting, and terrorizing me, and threatening out of Connecticut and sexually harassing my then 14 year old daughter. Coukos told me police had given him dibs on my property when I went to prison when I was suspected of no crimes and had not been arrested.

So, in Connecticut court cases are decided before a “suspect” is even arrested or even suspected of any crimes? So, no one, no family, no child, no home or business owner is safe in Connecticut in this sort of police brutality, judicial misconduct, and public corruption culture in the State of Connecticut? Does the above sound like conduct of ethical officials?

My daughter has had nothing to do with me since my false arrest and prison sentence. Police refused to protect and serve. They would either not come, or show up hours later to then threaten and harass me for having called. Two police informants were threatening my life at each of my rental properties and were stalking me. State Police were waiting for me to be attacked so only I would be arrested and go to prison with no previous record. I broke no laws.

Will anyone help remedy my bogus criminal record and look into compensation for my property being swindled from me, officially, and for wrecking my contracting business built over 2 decades, and for using tax dollars to break up my marriage, estrange me from my daughter and most of my family, terrorize me out of my home, and ruin me financially?

I am posting this letter to you on Please look for today’s date for post with video. Should police be able to tell a citizen, he or she is kicked out of Connecticut, break up families, run citizens out of homes, act as organized crime and terrorists, and should Connecticut courts be rubberstamps on robbery and abuse? Will someone get back to me with questions and remedy?

Thank you, Steven G. Erickson, PO Box Eight Seventy-Four, Brattleboro, VT 05302. Phone: (Eight Zero Two) 490 3559 My email is stevengerickson AT

Best link to my story:

Peter J. Coukos message to me about my daughter:

I tried to remove Judge Jonathan J. Kaplan for bias against the self-employed in civil and small claims cases 2 years before Kaplan sat on my criminal case. Kaplan should have removed himself as I was openly lodging complaints against him to judicial officials and legislators prior to my being attacked on my own property, 5 Church St., Stafford Springs, Connecticut. Official testimony about Judge Jonathan J. Kaplan:

* * * *

[Steven G. Erickson's video channel]

[click here] for:

Connecticut's Face of Corruption

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Added February 9, 2014:

My own State of the Union address

Text with video:

What I talk about in the text of this video, and in the video, is all the America and world you all live in too. Some of you are just getting it. Some have already got it. Some of you have yet to get it.

In the early 1970's my Grandfather took me for a ride in his pickup truck outside of his farm not too far outside of Fargo, North Dakota. I was in single digits for my age. He told me how corporations and bankers were conspiring to take away land from family farmers. I learned that sheriffs and deputies were illegally wiretapping and spying on farmers for corrupt officials in town halls to take land for land developers. My grandfather taught me to open my eyes, get multiple sources, and not to trust the words of international corporate organized crime and their local town hall mafia goons.

My father was a cog in the wheel for Monsanto. You, may have guessed that we have never seen eye to eye, ever. The corporate world offered me the same Kool-Aid. I am not drinking it.

This is my LiveLeak Yoursay. It is my view of the State of the Union, USA, right now.

I plan on sending a link to my Vermont US Senators (Batman movie actor) Patrick Leahy and Bernie Sanders, and to my Congressman, Peter Welch. I also plan on contacting the Governor of Connecticut, [Dannel P. Malloy], about UBS bank alleged laundering of State Police and/or DCF drug money. I will be making him, and legislators in Connecticut aware of this video, referring to [this text emailed and faxed into them].

With all I have written published in newspapers, blogged on, and done videos on, not one question about what is online or in videos from police, elected officials, and what is supposed to be mainstream media. No one will even dare sue me. I even brought such serious accusations at a public hearing about a judge, I had to swear and oath to tell the truth, [still nothing happened and no questions were asked about this].

[Check out other videos on my LiveLeak channel]

[Link hub for my blogs and videos]

UN & EPA to make woodstoves, campfires, BBQs illegal?

Text with video:

Societies living out on the land are being forced to go to urban areas. "Seal Beaters" and those who fish to survive are being kicked off their land. American family farmers were forced off land due to an international corporate organized crime and banker conspiracy. Using cash to transact between neighbors and family can become illegal. It is a crime to pay cash at tagsales in Louisiana already. Hiking, fishing, canoeing, hunting, and recreation is being made illegal all over due to the UN and Agenda 21. There is a move to get populations off the land to better serve corporate and banker interests, not ours.

We aren't represented for our taxes, but bankers and corporate organized crime is.

Banks foreclose on homes. Central bankers print money out of thin air and then tell us they owe our land, jobs, and even us. Corporations and bankers write the laws that elected officials sign unread. It is a crime in a lot of places to be homeless.

If the EPA and UN outlaw wood stoves, campfires, and BBQs after Obama's gun confiscation is complete, the abuse will have just begun. Should it be illegal to be poor and keep warm and fed? Having a ban on fire due to particulate pollution is pure tyrannical abuse.

My fax and email to the Connecticut Judiciary Committee with video is [found here]. A hub of links to my activism is [found here].

Remembering my surviving in Winter, in the woods and snow, in Vermont [video found here].

Ritt Goldstein revealed to the Connecticut Judiciary Committee Legislators, in Hartford, Connecticut, December 1996, what police and court riggers were up to preparing for the aftermath of 9/11. It led to his fleeing to Sweden seeking political asylum after making the below video. Many officers didn't know what they were preparing for, just that some event, concocted or not, was going to lead to the suspension of the US Constitution. Police were training for what they could do without a US Constitution, pre-9/11! Should we the people let international criminals, and armed occupiers, get away with what they have long planned for?

Thursday, January 02, 2014

Will Americans be ready to live in woods for Martial Law or Homelessness?

Scroll to bottom of post for videos.

US, and most world politicians, seem to be running sovereign nations into trees. If there are no jobs and people are losing their homes, the cause of the problems, Central Bankers and International Organized Crime, they can some in with their New World Order, a Global Government and buy everything on pennies for the dollar, all money they print out of thin air.

How to "Stealth Live" Homeless in a storage facility, attic, car, and/or woods is explained in this video. [I was a contractor and rental property owner in my past life before being railroaded to prison] (click in middle of top banner to go to newest posts). So, I had what I needed for equipment and skills to be able to survive penniless and homeless in below zero weather in the snow in the Vermont forests and outback.

If you are curious, there is a liveleak video of my former Stafford Springs, Connecticut, rental properties fixed up from a boarded up condition [scroll to bottom of this blog post for video].

If you have a month and plus, or minus, $300 bucks to shop tag sales and pawn shops, you can almost all shown in the video. I knew where teenagers had their drinking parties. I could quickly bag up their cans and have money for an entire week to live on. Small storage units go for $35 to $55 per month. I lived in my old contractor's van when I ran out of gas in it in Vermont. My previous LiveLeak video on how to keep warm out in the snow [click here].

The trick to not get beaten up by teens or neighborhood thugs is to look like a business professional or former military. Only use electronics or cellphones in areas where other members of the public are also using them.

If there is ever Martial Law in your part of the country and you don't want to be in a camp, this video will show you how to prepare to live in the outback. I may post a future video how to snare squirrels, what plants you can eat in all seasons foraging in forest, how to cook them, or how to make smoked beef jerky getting a beef roast from the grocery store, sliced thin, and how to dry, prepare, salt, and spice it.

Email: stevengerickson AT Adress: Steven G. Erickson PO Box Eight Sevenyty-Four, Brattleboro, Vermont 05302 USA. My video uploads and favorites [are found here]

The Death of Empathy

Text with video:

Published on Jan 1, 2014
Alex Jones continues to weigh in with callers on the horrifying condition of Empathy in America and the dangers if we continue to allow each other to ignore our fellow man.

Fighting The "Zombiosis" in Society

Poll: Americans extremely pessimistic about government

Text with video:

A new poll shows that Americans are extremely pessimistic about their government. The poll has been carried out by the Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research. It shows that people have lost hope their country’s elected officials could solve their problems. It has revealed that 70 percent lack confidence in the government’s ability to make progress on issues facing the U-S in 20-14. Healthcare, jobs, and economy are top on the list of demands. Based on the poll, half of Americans believe the democracy system in their country needs a lot of changes or a complete overhaul. The new poll also says that 62 percent are pessimistic about the way their leaders are chosen.