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Whistleblower John Kiriakou honored for anti-torture stance

Text with below video:

Published on Jan 24, 2013
John Kiriakou was the first CIA officer to publicly step into spotlight in 2007 and call waterboarding torture. His direct stance against the technique has lead to the Obama administration charging him for violating the Espionage Act of 1917. While the Obama
administration seeks to have him punished, his supporters have honored him for speaking out against waterboarding. RT's Justin Underhill has more.

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Can The US Government Kill US Citizens Inside The US?

Steven G. Erickson's video uploads [found here]


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Connecticut State Police Sandyhook Hoax?


Gun Misconceptions

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Obama has criminalized the US Constitution

Obama and Eric Holder have criminalized the US Constitution. Why should men who are accessories to murder and who obstruct justice allowed to dismantle and criminalize the US Constitution. If you word search my name, Steven G. Erickson, with either Patrick Leahy, or Birnie Sanders, what I wrote them asking for the US Atty General and Barack Obama being prosecuted can be found.

Germany is repatriating its gold from the Federal Reserve. Have Central Bankers leased or sold that gold? Is that what the gun ban is really about? Will Americans have to cover the gold that Central Bankers have stolen in new, out of control, huge, purple, and swollen taxes?

-Steven G. Erickson

I placed the above text as a comment to a youtube video in the Alex Jones Channel called, "Eric Holder Pumps The Brakes on FOIA Request for Fast & Furious"

New York State has banned any clips that hold more than 7 rounds of ammunition. So police and military in New York State and City will be breaking the law soon. Will they be arrested and prosecuted?

If Obama is a war criminal, accessory to murder, obstructs justice, and holds an official position at the UN, why should he make the US Constitution null and void, starting with the Second Amendment?

The below was placed in Vermont US Congressman Peter Welch's, Senator Bernie Sanders, and Senator Patrick Leahy's web contact form as text, January 25, 2013:

Will you notify other legislators about serious flaws in going after all Americans guns using any information obtained from the Connecticut State Police? There was a 168 page report done on the State Police. They were such a danger to themselves and to the public, the force was put on probation. Their internal affairs was shut down and when officers were abusing each other, putting rat traps in each others' mailboxes, uttering death threats etc, New York Internal Affairs was then supposed to investigate. [The Connecticut State Police 100 Club is a club] celebrating false arrests and perjury for drunk driving arrests with a taxpayer paid golf outing. It is my belief that the Connecticut State Police use tax dollars to traffic in illegal narcotics, to run police informant gangs to commit crimes, terrorize the public, and to use tricks to confiscate property, assets, and cash. If Connecticut State Police commit perjury, file false police reports, and manufacture evidence, should anything coming out of Sandyhook Newtown Connecticut regarding them be trusted. If an "assault" weapon was not used in the Sandyhook hoax and was in the trunk of a car, why are elected officials looking to ban this weapon? If Obama was given a billion or so dollars, and if a good portion came through UN or international bank or corporate sources, did Obama agree to use a black ops to end the 2nd Amendment? Should Obama and Eric Holder be prosecuted as accessories to murders for allowing the "Fast and Furious" ATF program to get guns to Mexican drug gangs to commit murders? Will you inform other elected officials of this letter to you? Please word search Steven G. Erickson

168 page report on the Connecticut State Police pdf:

Friday, January 18, 2013

VT US Senator Bernie Sanders on Executive Orders

Dear Mr. Erickson:
Thank you for contacting me regarding the use of executive orders.  I value the opportunity to respond to you on this issue.
The first executive order was issued in 1789, and beginning then, and ever since, presidents have been criticized for their use. Although the United States Constitution does not specifically permit the president to issue executive orders, such orders have been used to clarify laws so that their enforcement – and the limits or extensions of enforcement – can be clear.  To my mind, executive orders have had good and bad consequences: some, such as those that were used to prohibit discrimination in employment decisions on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, or national origin by President Lyndon Johnson, were beneficial; others, such as rulings curtailing first amendment rights during the Civil War by President Lincoln, or decisions to imprison many Japanese-Americans during World War Two by President Franklin Roosevelt, had negative consequences we justly worry about even today.
There is recourse to executive orders, though it is through difficult routes.  The Supreme Court can rule an executive order unconstitutional, and Congress can pass legislation overriding or limiting an executive order.   But, considering President Obama's veto power, and the two-thirds majority in Congress required to override it, overturning executive powers is clearly a very difficult process. 
It is my belief that executive orders should be seldom issued, and always closely scrutinized.  I intend to continue to monitor executive orders as they are issued by President Obama for their implications on public well-being, and will keep your views in mind as related issues arise in the United States Senate.
Again, thank you for contacting me about this important issue.  Feel free to contact me again in the future about this or any other subject of interest to you, or for up-to-date information on what my office is working on please visit  While there, I invite you to sign up for my e-newsletter, the Bernie Buzz, at  Please be aware that due to security screening procedures, postal mail to my office experiences delays that will lengthen the time it takes me to get back to you.  The fastest way to contact my office is by calling 1-800-339-9834.


United States Senator

* * * *

The above is a response to this Steven G. Erickson letter in:

I have sent the below text two my Vermont US Senators and Congressman:

Dear elected Official: January 16, 2013

I am requesting that Barack Obama be impeached and then prosecuted.

If Obama has virtually declared himself king, or dictator, of America declaring Congress and the US Senate merely ceremonial, with no real power or purpose, Obama has to be legally shown he has gone too far. Or, if those who are in Congress and/or US Senate have no real power or purpose, I ask that they be disbanded to save tax dollars. If US taxpayer dollars are to be saved and used for the best interest of Americans who pay them, I request that all military/policing occupation, military, contractor, war weapons production, all spy agency, and the sum total of all military spending be cut to 10% of its current levels. 53 plus percent of all taxes collected for world domination, spying, warring, murdering, robbing rightful owners of assets, and enslavement is insane.

I believe it is criminal to dictate executive orders to circumvent the American process.

If Obama took an oath to uphold and protect the US Constitution and then signed the NDAA, he has violated his oath. If Obama is telling the nation that he bows to a higher power, the UN, he has committed treason and violated the trust of the American people. If Obama advocates regime change and invading other countries taking orders from the UN, this man is acting as a foreign occupation leader and needs to be immediately removed.

Please seek, and initiate, the process to start whereas Obama can be arrested, handcuffed, processed, fingerprinted, his mugshot taken, and then to remain in custody behind bars for a bail hearing and prosecution.

If Obama has advocated and/or the drone bombing murder of civilians in other countries, I request that Barack Obama be submitted to world court authorities to prosecute Barack Obama for War Crimes and Crimes against Humanity.

I would like a written response back by mail and I request that a staffer talk to me, “on the record” for a recorded phone call that I can post on the internet.

Thank you,

Steven G. Erickson
PO Box (Eight Seven Four)
Brattleboro, VT 05302 USA (Phone # Eight Zero Two 490 3559)

P.S. I am asking other citizens to cut and paste, or alter the above, to send to their elected officials by email, by mail, and then to call elected officials to confirm receipt.

My complaints against the system as is [can be found here]

I post stories of judicial abuse, police brutality, public corruption, banksters, corporate pirates, abuse, the State of Connecticut, tyranny, wars, and protest [here on this blog]

Sandy Hook, A Police Informant, real shooter?

Text with video:

The name Chris Rodia, an alleged Norwalk or Stamford Connecticut Police Informant? Were there actors hired to hold the story together? Was Rodia's car the one that Adam Lanza allegedly used? Was Chris Rodia at the Sandy Hook Newtown Connecticut Schoolyard shooting? If so, what was his role. An hour and a half video asks those questions. [the video]

Is it a hoax? [Links]

Are police informants involved in beating up police officers who break ranks and for killing civilians? [post]

Is this how judges are corrupted? [post] This is how you "get made" in the Connecticut State Police Mafia. [post] My letter to Connecticut Governor Malloy [post]

I, Steven G. Erickson, was blocked from posting and commenting on, allegedly for questioning the Connecticut State Police version of the Sandy Hook story. Should anyone, anywhere in the world be arrested for questioning the Connecticut State Police Story? Spokesman Paul Vance seems to threaten just that. Should you be blocked from the internet for being Pro-2nd Amendment or US Constitution?


Added October 11, 2013:

[New text of letter just emailed to Bernie Sanders, Oct 8, 2013]

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Obamacare Mandatory Drug Tests and Parental Fitness Exams?

Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Obama to Sign Executive Order Gun Ban?

I found the above image here.

I just went to and found this.

Barack Obama, US Attorney General Eric Holder, and others are meeting now to discuss executive action and the possibility of signing an executive order.

Using an US Presidential Executive Order was predicted by those in the know before the end of 2012 to happen January 2013. One of Obama's original campaign promises would that he would not go after any of American's guns and supports the 2nd Amendment.

Obama signed the NDAA December 31, 2011, after saying he did not support it and would not sign it as written.

Do insider international bankers want a civil war in America?

I won't get a cat or dog, a house, and will not invest in having a gun in America as I saw the set up for the fall, pre-9/11, and was asked to join police black ops and declined. The reasons are stated in text recently sent to Connecticut Governor Dannel P. Malloy.

To abolish Free Speech on the internet, in print, in public, and electronically all over and to dissolve America's borders, the so called American right to bear arms has to be thrown out.

To have UN checkpoints set up to have Americans take off their pants and shirts to have their gang tattoos photographed, to be checked for guns and contraband, and to have TSA use the same gloves to explore all cavities of Americans being searched, there has to be a gun ban.

I was told what to look for by a former US Coast Guard Reserve Officer, retired Hartford Connecticut Narcotics Detective, and person privy to the ground floor planning of the Department of Homeland Security. That individual is now deceased, dying of a heart attack, just days after another researcher with which I was to work on a project exposing the US police state with, died of the flu. I was out of Connecticut and not using anything electronic at the time of their deaths.

Expect to spend time in 20 mile lines and hours sitting in traffic to go through DHS/TSA/UN checkpoints.

Corporations aren't people, they are foreign powers. Foreign powers pay for campaigns and run the main news media.

Doors being kicked in, the internet shut off switch being used, Americans being shot in large numbers for having guns, gold, and stored food. Armed drone bombing targets inside the US, with virtual Martial Law being declared in the US is just an Obama robo-signature away.

Are you okay with losing your First Amendment rights for good?

Are you okay with soldiers just showing up to search your home even though you have no guns, no gold, or no extra stored food?

Are you okay with being the North American Union, a section of UN world government rule?

Have two of the biggest proponents of the 2nd Amendment already been murdered? Facebook accounts are being deleted of those who post pro-gun or question the Connecticut State Police version of the Sandyhook Schoolyard Shooting in Newtown, Connecticut. What if more pro-gun people just end up dead? Would you think there is some sort of CIA or NSA activity to murder politically active citizens? Are you okay with paying tax dollars for that sort of Black Op?

If you are to receive orders from your FEMA camp Fusion Center region commanders, locations are listed here. The Jesse Ventura, TruTv, Conspiracy theory episode exposing the TSA and DHS as a scam was not allowed to be shown and the series was taken off air.

More of what I have written on can be found here. My video uploads on are found here.

Thursday, January 03, 2013

Cops False Arresting Citizens is Big Problem

Cop fired for allegedly falsifying dozens of DUI arrests

[Source of story]

Anyone who's ever been pulled over by a cop for something they didn't do will find reason for both fury and comfort in the story of Utah Highway Patrol Cpl. Lisa Steed. Steed, a cop celebrated for her diligence, has now been fired amid allegations that she falsified dozens — perhaps hundreds — of DUI arrests. Steed routinely pulled over drivers she claimed were driving drunk or on drugs and arrested them, even if they were found to have no drugs or alcohol in their system, a lawsuit contends. "Her actions are so blatant," a plaintiff's lawyer says, "it is probable that she acted like this in an untold number of cases." [Source]

* * * *
* * * *

The Connecticut State Police have a special club and rewards for filing false police reports, lying, and committing perjury. It is called "The 100 Club" [story]

Would the Connecticut State Police offer a crack cocaine smoking psychopath alcoholic wannabe child molester help in obtaining a gun permit to carry concealed pistols, and the target on the secret State Police Enemies list victim's property, for assaulting a man, sexually harassing his young daughter, and for terrorizing him out of state for his having proposed Civilian Oversight of Police legislation to elected officials? [story]

How do you "get made" in the cop mafia? Well it involves lying, filing false police reports, and perjury. [story]

Is our Nation going to hell? Is the US losing, or has it already lost its sovereignty?:

Text with video:

I don't always have good internet in Brattleboro, Vermont, and my computer is jacked. Should Americans, and others, consider what is said by a radio host if he is getting millions of listeners?

I post about subjects of this LL YourSay [here] and [here] with links to more of what I am talking about. Alex Jones is a subject.

Are international toll roads going into America? Are these toll roads that were planned 50 years ago for America to no longer be America, but be part of the North American Union of Canada, the US, and Mexico, the NU? Will Chinese goods be shipped to Mexico and will Mexican truck drivers be hauling the goods up into the NU? Is Spain building one of those roads. Will Spain get NAFTA tolls from Americans for 50 years?

Will all Americans be disarmed to become part of the NU? Were all gun stores, shooting ranges, and Fish and Game centers visited by police to get keys and alarm codes before the Sandy Hook Newtown Connecticut schoolyard shooting?

Were OWS organizers targeted to be killed by the FBI before they organized Occupy Wall St. in New York City?

Due to the number or requests, I post a picture in video of me and my ex-wife from the time that Stafford Springs, Connecticut, cop "Fat Frank" who lived with his mother slammed me into my house telling me he deserved her, not me. She had no interest in him, and I met her while traveling in Europe. I am pictured also with former Connecticut Governor M. Jodi Rell. I asked her why Chris Kennedy was going to get 30 years in prison for checking the wrong box in a general court form after he had contacted Rell's legal staffer about public corruption. I also post random pictures from posts on my blogs.