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Ex parte communication

Ex parte communication is defined as “an oral or written communication not on the public record with respect to which reasonable prior notice to all parties is not given, but it shall not include requests for status reports on any matter or proceeding covered by 5 USCS §§ 551.” (5 USCS § 551)

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Judges having lawyers in chambers, without the other side present, and without the conversations being recorded, means dirty deals and injustice. The outcomes of cases can be known before the hearing is even held. Judges aren't arrested and prosecuted for malicious behavior. Sovereign immunity of judges needs to be examined.

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With the crappy justice system in the US, we get this:


Sunday, November 20, 2011

Does the UN own US National Parks?

Has land been turned over as collateral for US debts?

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September 3, 2009

What do the Statue of Liberty, Independence Hall, and Monticello have in common? The average American with a smattering of historical knowledge might say that those historic sites are all symbolic of America’s unique heritage of freedom.

Monticello, of course, was the home of Thomas Jefferson, the author of the Declaration of Independence. That document (as well as the U.S. Constitution, later) was signed in Independence Hall. The Statue of Liberty memorializes the free nation under God that those founding documents created.

What about the Great Smoky Mountains, Yellowstone Park, and the Grand Canyon? Well, these priceless natural resources are all managed by the U.S. National Parks Service. They are among the most frequently visited natural recreation areas in America, where millions of American families vacation every year.

Would it surprise you to learn that every one of these unique American landmarks is also controlled by the United Nations? It’s amazing but true. Every one of the natural and historic treasures listed above – plus more than a dozen more in America – has been designated an official World Heritage Site by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), which is headquartered in Paris, France.

Sites included in the World Heritage program are considered to have “outstanding universal value” as part of our common world heritage. They are designated as protected areas under the 1972 World Heritage Treaty, which is itself an outgrowth of the 1968 UNESCO Biosphere Conference ­ where the currently ubiquitous concept of “sustainable development” first saw the light of day.

But, wait ­ there’s more. There are 47 OTHER locations in America designated as UN Biosphere Reserves, which are vast parcels of land set aside for conservation and scientific study. Symbolized by the Egyptian ankh, the UN’s Man and Biosphere program is designed to help humans achieve a “balanced relationship with the natural world” ­ again, through “sustainable use”of natural resources.

Button, button, who’s got the button?

What does this mean in real life? Well, nothing, if you believe the UN. “Biosphere Reserves have no international or other authority,” claims the website of the U.S. MAB program. Their list of common “myths” about MAB includes denials that the program results in any “loss of sovereignty” or threat to private property.

Others see it differently. Henry Lamb, executive vice president of the Environmental Conservation Organization and chairman of Sovereignty International, says that the “Operational Guidelines” developed by the UN are effectively enforced by the U.S. government agencies managing the sites locally.

“Neither Congress, nor any state legislature, has ever voted to approve any of the 47 UN Biosphere Reserves in the United States. The management policy for millions of acres covered by these reserves is crafted by international committees of bureaucrats, none of whom is elected. To comply with ‘international obligations,’ the United States conforms its management policy and, in some cases. its law to accommodate the wishes of bureaucrats that are completely unknown to the people who are governed by the policies,” Lamb insists.

“This reality is but a hint of what is in store for those governed by the rule of international law. Massive documents, such as the 1140-page ‘Global Biodiversity Assessment,’ the 300-page ‘Agenda 21,’ and the 410-page ‘Our Global Neighborhood,’ all paint a picture of the international law that is being devised to govern the world in the 21st century.” (For more information visit www.eco.freedom.org .)

The core of the buffer zone is the transition area

Every Biosphere Reserve site consists of a protected CORE area, set aside strictly for conservation; a surrounding BUFFER ZONE, with limited human activity allowed; and a larger TRANSITION area, where otherwise legal human use may be severely restricted when the site is judged to be “in danger.”

For example, in 1995, Bill Clinton got the UN to declare Yellowstone Park a “World Heritage Site in Danger.” That gave him the “international obligation” to close down a coal mine on private property three miles away ­ despite the fact that coal had been mined in the area for 150 years before Yellowstone Park was created, and the Crown Butte Mines had won an award for excellence in 1992.

Today, Yellowstone Park is still considered to be “in danger,” according to the UN, because of “year-round visitor pressure.” Too many U.S. tourists taking their kids to see Old Faithful, the global bureaucrats in Paris say.

The President has the sole authority to approve these UN designations. Congress has no oversight, and average American citizens have no input. The House of Representatives has twice passed a bill requiring Congressional approval before any more precious pieces of America can be designated either Biosphere Reserves or World Heritage sites. So far, the Senate has refused to even bring the measure up for a vote.

Call me old-fashioned, but I still think Americans ought to control American land, not UNESCO bureaucrats. Why are both Republicans and Democrats, Liberals and Conservatives, allowing the UN to wield this kind of influence inside our nation’s borders? U.S. taxpayers should be outraged!

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Aaron breaks down the United Nations Land Grab Under Clinton Administration and shows parts of America Destroyed by Design, a film by Alex Jones.

UN Owns National Parks: Infowars Nightly News 1/2

UN Owns National Parks: Infowars Nightly News 2/2

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If you think what is above this sentence is bad, look what else the puppeteers of the US Government have also been up to:




Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Who do US legislators really represent?

I've contacted Vermont US Senators Patrick Leahy and Bernie Sanders on [these issues] and about remedying my case of suffering judicial abuse and police misconduct in the State of Connecticut for my having thought that the 1st Amendment was protected in the United States of America. Leahy and Sanders have gotten word to me that they won't interfere with the Executive or Judicial Branches. The Executive and Judicial Branches are preventing citizens from getting representation for their taxation in the Legislative Branch.

[Bernie Sanders response]

Hartford Connecticut Narcotics Detective Richard Murzin [story and photo] allegedly interfered with organized crime heroin and crack cocaine dealing against his captain's wishes. He, and his family then suffered decades of police harassment and judicial abuse. Rich Murzin passed away not seeing any justice for his family, or himself. What does that say about America and its pretend justice system?

In December 1996, Ritt Goldstein hosted a Connecticut judiciary committee special legislative hearing on the subject on the need for civilian oversight of police. Ritt fled the US, so terrorized by police, to seek political asylum in Sweden. This Ritt Goldstein video is documentation of police brutality and judicial misconduct that is even more present in the US today. If there were actual justice in the US, Connecticut state legistlators and my Vermont US Senators, Leahy and Sanders, would be asking what happened to Ritt Goldstein and what could prevent such citizen abuse in occurring in the present and future. They would also be looking at what happened to Rich Murzin and then be asking what can now be done for his family.

So, how about it, why not have victims, and those who offer solutions, for America's current police state, testify at a special hearing at the US Senate?

Speak out, get squashed in the USA. It shouldn't be that way, right Senators?

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Message typed in Leahy's and Sander's web email form on their websites:

I've gotten word back that you won't interfere with the Judicial or Executive Branch. Both are more than interfering with the Legislative Branch. Should citizens who contact you asking to redress grievances and/or on their issues be officially murdered, beaten up by police informants at the direction of police, suffer rigged court cases, and/or be railroaded to jail to be held in the US as political prisoners to lose family, their homes, their jobs, and the sum total of their life's work? Links to what I am talking about found:






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They break laws, their answer is to take away your rights

What isn't illegal about our current US Government?



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TSA Court Case Precedent for Courts not to be for Public Use?

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Lawyer was told he couldn't see ruling because of "national security"

Paul Joseph Watson

Friday, November 4, 2011

Former Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura said he would now refer to the country of his birth as the "Fascist States of America" after a judge dismissed his case challenging airport pat downs, adding that his only recourse now would be to run for President.

"Ventura made his comments outside the federal courthouse in St. Paul, where in January he sued to challenge the Transportation Security Administration's (TSA) airport security procedures," reports the Minneapolis Star Tribune. "The suit was thrown out because Congress set up the law so that all such challenges must be brought directly in Circuit Courts of Appeals, wrote U.S. District Judge Susan Richard Nelson."

"They said they don't have jurisdiction," Ventura told reporters. "Well my question is if the federal courts don't have jurisdiction over a constitutional question then who the hell does?"

A further detail that Ventura revealed on the Alex Jones Show which has not been picked up by mainstream media reports is the fact that Ventura's lawyer was told he could not even look at the ruling due to "national security" concerns.

Speaking to the Alex Jones Show today, Ventura spoke of his fury about how an American citizen was not even allowed to go to court to defend the Bill of Rights, adding that from now on he would refer to the U.S. as the "Fascist States of America" and would refuse to stand for the national anthem.

Vowing to "never fly commercial" again, Ventura gave a passionate press conference today, expressing his anger at TSA grope down procedures that force people like himself with metal implants to go through humiliating pat downs every time they pass through airport security.


Ventura Decries "Fascist" America After Judge Tosses TSA Case

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Going after the Global Aristocracy (the banks) w/ Iceland as an Example



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Police right to interfere with your kids, relationships, and marriage

Samantha Zucker in Pittsburgh, where she attends college. She was arrested in Manhattan. (New York City)
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Student jailed for 2 nights when she can't show ID

Companion was let go but visitor to NYC is handcuffed — she left wallet at hotel

By JIM DWYER, New York Times

NEW YORK — The arresting officer came by the cell, Samantha Zucker said, to make snide remarks about finding her with a friend in Riverside Park after its 1 a.m. closing.

For instance:

“He was telling me that I needed to get a new boyfriend, that I should get a guy who takes me out to dinner,” Ms. Zucker said. “He mocked me for being from Westchester.”

Early in the morning on Oct. 22, a Saturday, Ms. Zucker, 21, and her friend Alex Fischer, also 21, were stopped by the police in Riverside Park and given tickets for trespassing. Mr. Fischer was permitted to leave after he produced his driver’s license. But Ms. Zucker, on a visit to New York City with a group of Carnegie Mellon University seniors looking for jobs in design industries, had left her wallet in a hotel two blocks away.

She was handcuffed. For the next 36 hours, she was moved from a cell in the 26th Precinct station house on West 126th Street to central booking in Lower Manhattan and then — because one of the officers was ending his shift before Ms. Zucker could be photographed for her court appearance, and you didn’t think he was going to take the subway uptown while his partner stayed with her at booking, did you? — she was brought back to Harlem.

There she waited in a cell until a pair of fresh police officers were rustled up to bring her back downtown for booking, where she spent a second night in custody.

The judge proceeded to dismiss the ticket in less than a minute.

News about the Police Department lately could run under the headline of the daily Dismal Development, starting with a judge declaring Tuesday that an officer was guilty of planting drugs on entirely innocent people and continuing back a few days to gun-smuggling, pepper-spraying and ticket-fixing.

Here, in the pointless arrest of Ms. Zucker, is a crime that is not even on the books: the staggering waste of spirit, the squandering of public resources, the follies disguised as crime-fighting. About 40,000 people a year — the vast majority of them young black and Latino men — are fed like widgets onto a conveyor belt of arrest, booking and court, after being told to empty their pockets and thus commit the misdemeanor of “open display” of marijuana.

Such arrests are a drain on the human economy.

Ms. Zucker said that throughout her stay in police station cells, other officers were shocked that she had not been given a chance to have a friend fetch her ID. “The female officers were gossiping that the officer who arrested me had an incredibly short fuse,” she said.

We are instructed by the mayor that the garish crimes of police gun-running and fake arrests are the work of rogues, not the daily toil of honest police officers. A fair point — but no more than Ms. Zucker’s observations of spiritual corruption.

“While it may have been one out-of-control officer that began the process,” she said, “no other officer had the courage to stand up against what they knew was a poor decision.”

After two days of storming design firms around the city with about 80 classmates, Ms. Zucker stopped at the hotel near West 103rd Street where the group was staying so she could drop off the bag she had been schlepping. Then she got Mr. Fischer — a classmate, not a boyfriend, the leering remark of the police officer to the contrary — to walk with her a few blocks to the park, at about 3 a.m. They wanted to see the Hudson River, which runs past her hometown of Ardsley, N.Y.

“We’re there five minutes when a police car came up and told us we had to leave because the park was closed,” Mr. Fischer said. “We said, ‘O.K., we didn’t know,’ and turned around to leave. Almost immediately, a second police car pulls up.”

Its driver said they would get tickets for trespassing and demanded their IDs. Ms. Zucker suggested that someone could bring her papers from the hotel. “He said it was too late for that, I should have thought of it earlier,” she said.

Asked about the policy, the Police Department’s chief spokesman, Paul J. Browne, said officers can allow a friend or relative to retrieve ID. He did not say if a supervisor approved the arrest of Ms. Zucker, which was attributed in court papers to a Police Officer Durrell of the 26th Precinct.

Twice, she said, the officer told her not to call him by a specific foul term.

“I said, ‘Sir, I never used that word.’ ”

No doubt he was hearing things: the unspoken truth about his unspeakable actions.

E-mail: dwyer@nytimes.com

Twitter: @jimdwyernyt

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Have you ever tried to make a police misconduct complaint?

I did in the State of Connecticut where police are famous for retaliation and brutality. White male
Connecticut State Police in Stafford Springs, Connecticut, put a pizza shop owner out of business because he wasn't White, and because the owner brought White girls the officers thought they should have first dibbs on up into an apartment above the pizza shop.

I was bounced off my own aluminum siding in Stafford Springs, Connecticut, because I believe Stafford Constable "Fat Frank" Prochaska thought he could maybe arrest me and then get my wife. He did arrest me for having my ear bitten by a drug dealer who I didn't want dealing cocaine near my property, or neighbors.

The drug dealer repeatedly punched me in the face and then fled the scene after I dialed 911. Officer Prochaska was willing to arrest only me and with no record I faced a year and a half in prison, no deals. Enough on
my story.

Police can rape women and get away with it. They can use your tax dollars to pay informants to beat you up, set you up for property, business loss, break up of your family, and your being railroaded to prison.
Been there, done that.

Should police decide they want to have sex with, or date, your partner and then arrest you, or your partner, if they don't get what they want?

Should police be interfering in your personal life?

Should we the people fight back against an out of control Police State?

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Do Obama Puppeteers want to force Children to undergo Anthrax Vaccines?